Join us in a very special campaign to #SaveOurSmiles. Never before has oral health been so important. Access to dental care was denied overnight with COVID-19.

This fundraising initiative aims to raise awareness about how important dental care professionals are in maintaining the country's health and wellbeing.  At this time, many practices are being excluded from financial help from the Government and many are on the brink of survival.

This campaign is all about helping dental practices to reopen so patient care, which has been abandoned during this crisis, can continue.

Getting involved

Support this appeal is easy.  All you need is hair dye and Instagram filters.

We are calling on you to change your appearance and share those photos across social media with the hashtags #SOS #SaveOurSmiles.  It’s easy enough to change your hair colour time and time again, but changes to your teeth & gums are permanent. You only get one set of adult teeth after all.

Change the appearance of your teeth to a rotten-toothed smile using our Instagram filter here. Do you value your smile more after seeing yourself with grotty teeth? We hope so! Get involved on social media and donate to the Oral Health Foundation in the process to raise money for National Smile Month.

How to play

  1. Dye your hair pink! Semi-permanent or permanent - how brave do you feel?
  2. Have fun with our 'rotten-toothed smile' filter on Instagram.
  3. Share your new look on social media.
  4. Encourage others to get involved by using the hashtags #SOS #SaveOurSmiles.
  5. Donate to the Oral Health Foundation if you are able.

For more information about SOS Save our Smiles, visit