Ahead of Mouth Cancer Action Month, the Oral Health Foundation will be promoting the Blue Ribbon Appeal so that more people start talking about mouth cancer.

The charity is encouraging as many people as possible to show their support for raising awareness of mouth cancer by making a small but powerful gesture: wearing a blue enamel badge.

Speaking on the continued importance of the Blue Ribbon Appeal, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation, said: “There are many ways that people can support Mouth Cancer Action Month this November. But wearing a blue ribbon is proof that the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference.

“Mouth Cancer Action Month is all about saving lives through sharing key information that will lead to less cases each year and more early diagnoses.

“By wearing a blue ribbon badge, we can prompt conversations about mouth cancer and encourage more people pay close attention to what’s going on inside their mouths – something that one day could save their life.”

In the last few years, more than 250,000 Blue Ribbon Appeal Badges have been distributed to supporters; raising vital funds in aid of Mouth Cancer Action Month and helping mouth cancer messages to reach far and wide.

“The badge also acts as a huge symbol of solidarity,” Dr Carter adds.

“We want to show we stand together against mouth cancer, in support of countless people who have been effected in some way by this terrible disease.

“Wearing a Blue Ribbon Badge is such an easy way to show your support for the campaign and is so effective for raising awareness.

“Your participation with the campaign can help us address the worryingly lack of awareness about mouth cancer and I would like to thank everyone who is planning to take part during November.”

Whether it’s talking about the risk factors involved, the early warning signs or the benefits of early detection, all can make a difference in improving education around mouth cancer and ultimately saving lives.

The Blue Ribbon Appeal Kit is available to purchase from £1 per badge, in the Oral Health Foundation online shop.

Simply leave the collection box on your reception desk for patients to donate. We also encourage all staff members to wear a badge during the campaign – as it is a great way to show support as a team and to strike conversation with patients too!

Once collected, please donate to us the money you have raised by visiting the Oral Health Foundation’s website.

Mouth Cancer Action Month runs throughout November and is organised by the Oral Health Foundation and sponsored by Simplyhealth Professionals. The charity campaign is aiming to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer, to get more cases caught early enough to make a difference to the chances of survival.

Mouth cancer can affect anyone. Everybody needs to be able to recognise and act on the early warning signs, to improve early diagnosis and help save lives which otherwise could be lost to this terrible disease.

Find out more information about the signs, symptoms and causes of mouth cancer and how you can get involved in Mouth Cancer Action Month 2018 at www.mouthcancer.org.