14 May 2018

How many of us have bought something just because of the way it makes us feel?

We’d say almost all of us, if we’re honest.  It might be because the purchase makes us feel nostalgic for our childhood, or because we feel connected to the people we love.

The truth is that emotions are the key reason people buy things.  Presenting people with cold, hard facts won’t ‘sell’ something to them.  People love to connect with feelings and stories and we see the same phenomenon with other decisions – including decisions about who to vote for.

So, when it comes to getting your patients to take their oral healthcare seriously, tapping into those emotions is important – if you can get them excited about taking care of their teeth, the battle’s half won.

BRUSHBOX is on a mission to inject a little excitement and transform the way people think about & look after their teeth.  We’re a new company (headquartered in Cardiff) providing the UK’s first oral health ‘Subscription Box’ service (www.BRUSHBOX.com).

We know this service is needed because up to 75% of us here in the UK don’t change our toothbrushes when we should.  Instead, we allow bacteria to build up, the bristles to become frayed and the brushes to become far less effective at removing plaque.

Little surprise, then, that 80% of UK adults have at least one filling (with the average being seven!!) and 29% suffer regular dental pain.

The problem isn’t that people don’t care about their teeth – we all know they do.  The problem is that everyday life gets in the way.  Picking up children, working, studying, there are so many things which eat up our time.

Remembering when our toothbrush, or our children’s, was changed last is something which can understandably come pretty low on our list of priorities.  It’s easy to let things slip.

So, what’s the answer?

An affordable toothbrush subscription box service is something which takes the pain out of remembering when to replace your brushes.  Replacements arrive every other month, and we also provide toothpaste, tongue scrapers, and floss.

There’s no better item to put on a subscription service than a toothbrush.  In fact, subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular (there has been a 3,000% increase in subscription box website visits in the past three years!)

It’s a growing trend because it taps into that excitement which something arriving in the post every other month creates.  It’s all about anticipation.

People love the deliveries, they look forward to them, and as sellers of these boxes we connect with some powerfully positive emotions.

How do we get people to care?

The key is to understand your audience, and the different ways we can add value to different types of people:

Parents – They care passionately about their children’s health but typically have little time.  They have so many commitments!  Our service offers them peace of mind and is especially important when we remember that the #1 reason for taking time off school, and the most common cause of hospital admissions for children aged 5-9 is dental problems.  Parents can also get the boxes sent directly to their children and they LOVE receiving things in the post – battles about brushing teeth become far less common when kids are engaged like this!

Instagram Generation – We live in an age where image is important, in fact, a smile is the first thing someone notices about us when they first meet us (and it’s also the second most attractive feature voted for by both men and women!)  However, as 66% of people have visible plaque, having the confidence to smile can be a problem (1 in 3 twelve year-olds are embarrassed to smile because of the state of their teeth).  Signing up to our service will help maintain that dazzling smile!

Eco-friendly – There’s never been more public awareness of plastic waste and the impact this has on our planet.  We offer Mao Bamboo toothbrushes (something you’re going to see much more in the coming years) alongside the more traditional plastic options as we want to give people who wish to live in an environmentally friendly way options which best suit their lifestyle, without compromising on their health.

Style Conscious – People buy with their eyes.  One of the best ways to capture people’s attention is to present your solution in a visually attractive way – so this is what we’ve done (check out our Instagram @brushboxuk).  Of course, they only come back again and again if the quality of the product is good too – like with our stylish, high-quality brushes.  The health benefits of our service (and an increased awareness of their overall oral health) will still be received, regardless of the initial reason for signing up.

Want your patients to get excited about brushing their teeth again?  Find out more about how BRUSHBOX can help you, and your patients, by dropping us a line at [email protected] (don’t worry, we don’t bite!)