28 Aug 2015

Have you ever wondered how much sugar is in the foods and drinks we consume? Not many of us will take too much notice about the amount of sugars in our favourite snacks and teatime treats but maybe we should.

The effects which added sugars are having on both our general and dental health can be highly damaging, especially when consumed frequently.

When sugar reacts with the bacteria in plaque, the acids which are formed attack the teeth and destroy the enamel. If this occurs often, the tooth enamel may break down, forming a hole or 'cavity' and causing tooth decay. This almost always leads to fillings and could even result in teeth having to be extracted.

To uncover some of the sugary secrets in our top snacks and drinks, we at Dental Helpline have to put together a few short tables revealing exactly how much sugar you will find in them.


Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in Teaspoons
Chocolate Digestive  29.2g  1.2 tsp (5.1g per biscuit) 
Chocolate Wafer-Fully coated 34.7g  2.62 tsp (10.49g per biscuit) 
Custard Cread Biscuits 29.8g  0.87 tsp (3.5g per biscuit) 
Digestive Biscuits 16.6g 0.63 tsp (2.5g per biscuit)
Gingernuts 31g 0.77 tsp (3.1g per biscuit) 
Jaffa Cakes 52g  3.25 tsp (13g per two buiscuits)
Rich Tea Biscuits  20.1g 0.42 tsp (1.7g per biscuit) 
Savoury  5.3g 0.05 tsp (0.2g per biscuit) 
Shortcake 16g 0.53 tsp (2.1g per biscuit)


Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in Teaspoons
Bounty 2 Bar Pack 57.8g 8.23 tsp (32.9g) 
Chrunchie 61.7g 6.18 tsp (24.7g)
Kit Kat 47.8g  0.75 tsp (3g per two finger) 
Liquorice Allsorts 61.9g  0.93 tsp (3.7g per sweep) 
Mars Bar 68.1g 10.7 tsp (42.6g per bar)
Milk Chocolate 52.8g 2.2 tsp (8.8g per three squares) 
Milky Way 2 Bar Pack 72.4g  7.93 tsp (31.7g)
Pepper Mints 56.8g 1.2 tsp (4.8g per sweet) 
Plain Chocolate 46.8g 1.95 tsp (7.8g per three squares) 
Snickers Bar 54.5g 7.9 tsp (31.6g)
Toffees 37.4g 0.78 tsp (3.1g per sweet)
Twix 2 Bar Pack 64.5g 9.5 tsp (38g)

Tinned Vegetables

Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in Teaspoons
Baked Beans 5g  2.58 tsp (10.3g per half a tin) 
Peas 1.7g  0.33 tsp (1.3g per 80g serving) 
Sweetcorn-Kernels 3.9g  0.63 tsp (2.5g 1/4 can) 

Soft Drinks

Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in Teaspoons
Blackcurrant 9.7g in concentrate 1.23 tsp (4.9g per 250ml serving) 
Cranberry Juice 11.6g  7.25 tsp (29g per 250ml serving) 
Coca Cola 10.6g  6.63 tsp (26.5g per 250ml serving) 
Ginger Ale  9.1g  5.63 tsp (22.5g pet 250ml serving) 
Lemonade 3.5g 2.2 tsp (8.89g in 250ml serving)
Lucozade Sport 3.5g 4.38 tsp (17.5g per 500ml bottle)
Milkshake Powder 91.1g 6.95 tsp (27.8g 25g in 200ml S/S milk)
Orange Squash 13g in concentrate 1.63 tsp (6.5 in 250ml serving) 
Tonic Water 5.1g 3.2 tsp (12.8g per 250 ml serving)


Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in Teaspoons
Tin Tomato Soup 4.9g  2.45 tsp (9.8g in half a tin) 
Packet Minestrone 2g  1.25 tsp (5g as prepared) 


Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in 15g serving
Chocolate Spread 50g  1.88 tsp (7.5g) 
Honey 84.7g  3.18 tsp (12.7g) 
Jam 52.3g 1.95 tsp (7.8g)
Lemon Curd 53.7g 2.03 tsp (8.1g)
Marmalade 66g 2.48 tsp (9.9g)
Syrup 80.5g 3.1 tsp (12.4g)
Treacle 64g 2.4 tsp (9.6g)
Peanut Butter-smooth 6g 0.23 tsp (0.9g)


Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in Teaspoons
All Bran 22g  1.75 tsp (7g per 30g serving) 
Branflakes 22g  1.75 tsp (7g per 30g serving) 
Cornflakes 8g 0.63 tsp (2.5g per 30g serving)
Muesli-swiss style 23.1g 2.6 tsp (10.4g per 45g serving)
Rice Crispies 10g 0.75 tsp (3g per 30g serving)
Shreddies 14.9g 1.5 tsp (6g per 40g serving)
Shredded Wheat 0.9g 0.01 tsp (0.4g per 45g serving)
Special K 17g 1.25 tsp (5g per 30g serving)
Sugar Puffs 36.3g 2.65 tsp (10.6g per 30g serving)


Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in Teaspoons
Chocolate Fudge Cake 30.2g  6.6 tsp (26.4g per 1/8 cake) 
Country Slice 41.6g  3.18 tsp (12.7g per slice) 
Madeira Cake 30.8g 6.7 tsp (26.5g per slice)
Scones - Fruit 22.4g 2.3 tsp (9.2g per scone)
Sponge Cake with Jam 36g 3.7 tsp (14.8g per 1/6 cake)


Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in Teaspoons
Creamed Rice Pudding 9g  3.05 tsp (12.2g per pot) 
Fruit Cocktail in Juice 13g  4.35 tsp (17.39g 1/3 can) 
Fruit Yoghurt 8.6g 2.7 tsp (10.8g per pot)
Jelly 15g 5.05 tsp (20.2g 135g pot)
Ice Cream Sauce 66.8g 2.5 tsp (10.3g per 15g serving)
Ice Cream - vanilla 21g 2.5 tsp (10g 2 scoops)
Instant Custard 6.9g 3.05 tsp (12.2 1/4 pint)
Instant Dessert Powder 53.9g 2.9 tsp (11.6g per 92g serving)


Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in Teaspoons
Drinking Chocolate 58.1g  4.08 tsp (16.3g) in water
Horlicks 37.7g  4.78 tsp (19.1g) in S/S milk 
Ovaltine 37.2g 2.33 tsp (9.3g) in water

Sauces & Pickles

Product Amount per 100g Sugar Content in Teaspoons
Brown Sauce 19g  0.5 tsp (2.0g) 
Salad Cream 17.5g  0.65 tsp (2.6g) 
Sweet Pickle 23.9g 1 tsp (4g)
Tomato Ketchup 23.7g 1 tsp (4g)

All amounts are shown in both natural and added sugars combined.

All amounts are approximate.

All amounts are correct at the time of going on the web page and are taken from manufacturers labels. Other manufacturers products may vary.