3 Jun 2015

Oral-B is proud to continue its 10 year-long partnership with the British Dental Health Foundation to support National Smile Month and improve the UK's dental health. 

Electrical toothbrushOur longstanding partnership with the British Dental Health Foundation aims to keep Brits brushing their teeth regularly and remembering to floss - an easy way to ensure better health, fresher breath and above all, a beautiful smile.

Getting the Basics Right

Despite major improvements since National Smile Month launched in 1977, millions of people in the UK still practice poor oral care habits. Oral-B's recent survey found out that four million adults skip brushing their teeth in the morning and three out of four people confessed to either not timing, or guessing the recommended brushing time! Here Oral-B Smile Director, Dr Uchenna Okoye shares some basic rules of oral hygiene to help get the UK back on track with brushing.

Brush with an Electric Toothbrush

To ensure best care for your teeth and gums use an electric toothbrush. Dr Uchenna is a firm believer in swapping a manual brush for an electric power brush, as she comments: ‘Anyone and everyone can use an electric toothbrush and should if they are serious about maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. Electric toothbrushes can be used by the whole family from the age of eight. Oral-B has a brush to suit every budget, bathroom and beauty result.The brand's new Cross Action Power Brush head is the gold standard in brushing technology. The 16 degree angle bristles remove up to 100% more plaque along the gum line than a manual brush, so you can be confident that you are cleaning your teeth thoroughly. This is the brush that I personally use and encourage my clients to as well.'

Healthy gums

‘To keep your smile beautiful you need to ensure you keep your gums healthy in the long term. Healthy gums should be pink and stippled (with fatty dimples) which don't bleed when you brush and floss. To keep your gums in top condition, make sure the bristles of the tooth brush clean under the gums where they connect with the teeth to keep the bacteria out' advises Dr Uchenna.National Smile Month 2015 Official Sponsor

These invaluable tips will help you keep your mouth healthy and to encourage everyone's efforts Oral-B is delighted to offer 50% off on selected Oral-B products, including Power brushes, in ASDA and Amazon throughout National Smile Month to help everyone in your family achieve a healthier happier smile! 

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