We are so grateful for all the support we receive each year for Mouth Cancer Action Month.

Across the country, thousands of people who are passionate about raising awareness of mouth cancer spend time planning and putting on events that help many more learn about being mouthaware. It serves as a reminder about the importance of being able to recognise and act on the changes in our mouth, while discovering what we can do to help reduce our risk of mouth cancer.

At the Oral Health Foundation, we want to do as much as we can to help your events as successful as possible, so more people can reap the benefits.

For all who are planning an event for Mouth Cancer Action Month and are looking for some guidance on how to promote it, here are our top tips.

Check out the locals!

Local media outlets are often keen on covering events for a good cause. Daily newspapers, radio and television stations that are based in your area all would love to know about what your doing. Ahead of the event, give as much information as you can to as many news outlets as possible. Give people as many opportunities as possible to find out about the event as possible.

Get creative!

One of the cheapest but most effective ways of promoting your event to the masses is to hand out flyers in advance and hang up posters wherever you can. Community notice boards that you can find at some of the bigger supermarkets are perfect for this. It’s an excuse to put your creative skills to work but make sure you include the most important bits like the date, venue and exactly what you are planning to do.

Write a press release!

There is nothing stopping you from writing up a short press release on your event. Sending it to local media and posting it on your website (if you have one) will give you the chance to reach a bigger audience and get more people coming along on the day of your event.

Download a template by clicking here:

Hit up the socials!

When it comes to promoting anything, social media is a great tool to use. More and more people are using sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram every day and posting information through those platforms are a sure-fire way of making sure your information gets seen.

Send out regular posts reminding people about your event and encouraging them to come along. Keep your posts fun and engaging – that way, people will be more likely to share them and before you know it, your posts are being seen by people you didn’t know you could reach!

Don’t forget to include #MouthCancerAction into your post too!

Tell us!

We are so passionate about helping our supporters make their events a roaring success. So, tell us what your doing and we will do everything we can to help you boost numbers for your event.

Send us an email at [email protected] and together we can save lives and raise awareness of mouth cancer.