14 May 2018

The public remain concerningly ill-informed about the risks of enamel erosion as a survey amongst 2,000 members of the public, conducted by the Oral Health Foundation for National Smile Month, has just revealed: 

When asked about their knowledge of the health or lifestyle habits which could have a negative impact on their teeth just a fifth (22%) knew that it is all of the listed lifestyle habits could damage the teeth – and as few as 15% thought they were safe if drinking sparkling mineral water:

  • Drinking sports drinks (58%), acid reflux (42%), snacking throughout the day (41%), Bulimia (35%), and drinking sparkling mineral water (15%).

Equally concerning, only a third (37%) could list all the signs of dental erosion which could affect their teeth:

  • Tooth sensitivity (32%), tooth thinning (28%), tooth yellowing, (20%), tooth cracking (20%), or tooth transparency (17%)

Building awareness as well as enamel

The survey was conducted by the Oral Health Foundation with support from Unilever to provide dental professionals with a conversation starter about enamel erosion, now that they have REGENERATE™ Professional Advanced Enamel Serum and Toothpaste as an effective new tool in their armoury to counter this growing challenge.  

REGENERATE™ Professional Advanced Enamel Serum and Toothpaste can kick start a preventative regime.  Inspired by bone repair research, NR-5™ technology, REGENERATE contains two powerful ingredients - calcium silicate and sodium phosphate salts - which combine to form a fresh supply of enamel minerals, wrapping and integrating onto the teeth2. Studies showed that the resulting products; REGENERATE™ Professional Advanced Enamel Serum combined with Advanced Toothpaste can help reverse the early signs of enamel erosion. It is proven to recover surface micro hardness by 82% following three days of use (in vitro). 3 The REGENERATE™ Enamel Science system, is clinically proven to provide superior re-hardening of acid-softened enamel in situ after three days compared with standard fluoride toothpaste. 4 ***                                                                                      

For more information please visit www.regeneratenr5.co.uk


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