The Government has given the green light for dental practices to reopen in England from 8 June 2020.

For a dental practice to treat you, they will need fully compliant PPE, to exercise social distancing measures and apply appropriate cross-infection control.

The difficulty in sourcing PPE of the highest quality means there may be a delay before your dental practice can fully reopen while the range of treatments on offer might be limited.

Your dental practice will also need to allow for more time in between each patient.  This means that during the day, they will only be able to see a reduced number of patients.

Dental practices are working to create an environment which is safe for both you and members of staff.

As soon as you are welcomed back to the dental practice, be reassured that it is safe for you to do so.

Booking an appointment

Please do not visit your dental practice without an appointment.

To book an appointment, please call your dental practice.  They will be able to update you on whether the dental practice is ready to open and what treatments they are able to provide.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Dental practices across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will remain closed until further notice.

Video: Visiting your dental practice

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