Where you live can have an impact on every aspect of your life.  This includes your oral health.

The area you live can affect your mouth in a number of different ways:

  • Your region may or may not have fluoride added to the water supply, changing your odds of having tooth decay.

  • Your town or city could determine how difficult it is to access dental care.

  • The cost of living, combined with differences in household income, may give you more challenges when it comes to affording products or services to look after your mouth.

  • If you live in a rural area, geographical isolation could mean less support for your oral health.

As part of National Smile Month, we are committed to reducing inequalities in oral health.

During National Smile Month, we will be speaking to local groups and government to try and address these unjust imbalances in health.

Where you live also might change how you care for your mouth.

Research by the Oral Health Foundation suggests that some areas of the UK have different oral health routines and practices than other. Our findings show:

  • People in the North East are best in the UK at brushing their teeth twice a day (73%), while people from Scotland are worst (62%).

  • Those from London claim to use mouthwash (61%), dental floss (45%) and sugar free chewing gum (25%) regularly – more than anywhere else in the UK.

  • People in Northern Ireland are least likely to regularly use mouthwash (46%), dental floss (26%) and sugar free chewing gum (3%).

  • Those from London are more likely to own an electric toothbrush (62%), compared to the rest of the UK.

No matter where you live, do your best to cover the basics of looking after your oral health.

If you need help, you can speak to your local dental team for advice or get in touch with our charity’s Dental Helpline. Our team can give you support and information for anything to do with your oral health.

Take part in #SharingASmile

Sharing a smile can be such a powerful thing to do.

It can be a sign of friendship, trust, togetherness and love.

It's also a sign of good oral health.

That's why, during National Smile Month, we want to collect as many smiles as possible - from all over the UK. National Smile Month is the perfect chance to share your smile and promote the importance of having a healthy mouth.