5 June 2015

A pearly white Hollywood smile may be all the rage but it’s the natural look which has been voted for as the nation’s favourite celebrity smile.

Almost half of us (49 per cent) say a natural-looking smile is their personal favourite, with a straightened smile (20 per cent) and whitened teeth (18 per cent) completing the top trio of looks1.

Previous smile trends such as ‘the gap’ and tooth jewellery appear to have gone out of fashion, with the two receiving less than three per cent of the total vote.

More research from the British Dental Health Foundation has shown which celebrity smile comes out on top, with Holly Willoughby and David Beckham topping their respective lists2.

The results, released by the oral health charity as part of National Smile Month, aims to remind us that our mouth, teeth and smile are fundamental to all aspects of our life – whether that be our career, personality, relationships, attraction or all-round good health.

Celebrities are often seen as role models in society, and the visible standard of their oral hygiene is no exception.  It is for this reason Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, is delighted to see natural topping this particular poll.

Dr Carter said: “It is no coincidence that we associate a confident, radiant smile with images of people and celebrities we see every day who we consider to be special.  There is no getting away from the fact there is a growing trend towards cosmetic dentistry but it is pleasing to see so many of us are favouring the natural look.

“The growing clamour for cosmetic work may be a result of the way celebrities present themselves, but we must not forget the basics of good oral hygiene.  National Smile Month is a great opportunity to learn how simple and effective it can be.

“Brushing our teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day with a fluoride toothpaste, cutting down on how often we eat and drink sugary foods and drinks and visiting our dentist regularly, as often as they recommend, will help develop good oral health. Other habits such as chewing sugar-free gum after meals and cleaning in between your teeth using interdental brushes can also improve oral health.”

National Smile Month, taking place from 18 May to 18 June, is the nation’s annual reminder of good oral health.


1. British Dental Health Foundation (2015) National Smile Month Survey: ‘Which of these celebrity smile looks is your favourite?’, UK.

Which of these celebrity smile looks is your favourite? 
Number of people  Percentage (%)
Whitened 351 17.51
Straightened 403


Gap 42 2.09
Tooth Jewellery  16 0.8
Natural  980 48.88
None 213 10.62

2. British Dental Health Foundation (2011) National Smile Month Survey: ‘Which of the following British celebrities has the most welcoming smile?’, UK.

Which of the following British celebrities has the most welcoming smile?
Number of people Percentage (%)
Kelly Brook 183 18
Victoria Beckham 11 1
Lisa Snowdon 28 3
Christine Bleakley 141 14
Holly Willoughby  236 24
Simon Cowell 40 4
Prince William 106 11
Prince Harry 35 3
Colin Firth  76 8
David Beckham 112 11
Alan Carr 36 4