12 Oct 2017

In aid of the upcoming Mouth Cancer Action Month, the campaigns charity organisers have today launched their Blue Ribbon Appeal to help spread vital awareness of the disease.

The Oral Health Foundation’s Blue Ribbon Appeal allows anybody to show their support for mouth cancer awareness during November by wearing a blue enamel badge.

Speaking on this year’s appeal launch and its significance in bringing mouth cancer awareness to more people than ever before, the charity’s CEO, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, said: “The Blue Ribbon Appeal is one of the pillars of Mouth Cancer Action Month. It shows that doing something relatively small, like wearing a badge, can have a huge effect in raising awareness of this terrible disease.

“The blue ribbon is an enormous symbol of support for those that are currently suffering from mouth cancer, those that have beaten it, those that have unfortunately lost their battle to it and for anybody who has been affected by what is a growing problem.

“Every year in the United Kingdom, more than 7,500 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer and it very sadly claims more than 2,000 lives, yet awareness levels remain dangerously low. If we do not change this urgently and get more people to recognise the signs, symptoms and risks associated with mouth cancer, then cases will continue to rise and more lives will be lost.

“By wearing a blue ribbon, you are making a difference in the fight against mouth cancer by raising vital awareness. We want you to show it with pride so that everyone can see it and learn something about this disease.

“I appeal to you personally, if you were not already planning to get involved in Mouth Cancer Action Month then please reconsider. Even it is to just buy a blue ribbon badge. It is such a small gesture but can have a momentous effect, thank you.”

In the last few years more than 250,000 Blue Ribbon Appeal badges have been distributed to supporters; raising vital funds in aid of Mouth Cancer Action Month and helping mouth cancer messages to reach far and wide.

The Blue Ribbon Appeal plays a key role in directly engaging the public with the issues surrounding mouth cancer. Whether it’s talking about the risk factors involved, the early warning signs or the benefits of early detection, all can make a difference in improving education and ultimately saving lives.

The Blue Ribbon Appeal Kit is available to purchase from £1 per badge.

Simply leave the collection box on your reception desk for patients to donate. We also encourage all staff members to wear a badge during the campaign – as it is a great way to show support as a team and to strike conversation with patients too!

Once collected, please donate to us the money you have raised by visiting www.mouthcancer.org/donate.

Mouth Cancer Action Month runs throughout November and is organised by the Oral Health Foundation and sponsored by Simplyhealth Professionals and supported by Dentists’ Provident. The charity campaign is aiming to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer, in order to get more cases caught early enough to make a difference to the chances of survival.

Mouth cancer can affect anyone so everybody needs to be able to recognise and act on the early warning signs in order to improve early diagnosis and help save lives which otherwise could be lost to this terrible disease.