24 JANUARY 2019

The Oral Health Foundation is proud to announce that it has given direct support to 400,000 people through its Dental Helpline.

For more than two decades, the Dental Helpline has provided invaluable support for those looking to seek advice, help and reassurance about their oral health and well-being.

Many of the people who reach out to the charity’s free-advice service are anxious, confused and not sure where to turn.  The Dental Helpline supports these people compassionately, leaving them not only informed but also more at-ease with their situation.

The Oral Health Foundation’s Chief Executive, Dr Nigel Carter OBE says: “Your oral health matters to us.  We’re more than just a place where you can get information, we truly care about the people that reach out to us.

“To say that we have been able to help 400,000 people is very special.  The Dental Helpline will continue to be a friendly place for you to find practical and emotional support for your oral health problems.”  

The Dental Helpline is the United Kingdom’s only dedicated advice centre for oral health.

Staffed by fully-qualified dental professionals, it provides free and impartial advice on a range of topics. Some of the most common questions are around dental terms, treatments and procedures, current legislation, dental charges and how to make a complaint.

“Each person who contacts us does so with a different set of needs,” adds Dr Carter.

“No matter what your situation is, it is important to know that is help available. If you’re in pain, or simply feel that you don’t have the right information to make an informed decision about the health of your mouth, please do reach out to us.”

In addition to taking telephone calls, the Dental Helpline also supports people through email, social media and hand-written letters.

The Dental Helpline can be reached on 01788 539 780.

Alternatively, questions can be sent in by clicking here.