2 November 2015

Mouth Cancer Action Month is underway and if you have not registered yet then do not fear, it is not too late to get involved and show your support.

The British Dental Health Foundation have made it easier than ever to get involved by making all the resources you need to plan your Mouth Cancer Action Month event available to through their website.

Simply by visiting the Downloads page you can get your hands on all the information you need to support this life saving campaign.

Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, highlighted how easy it is to get involved in this year’s campaign: “Mouth Cancer Action Month is playing a vital role in helping to reduce the amount of lives lost from the disease and making a difference by positively promoting the values of early detection and prevention.

“The support of the dental profession is vital to achieving this as without your help we simply cannot hope to reach the amount of people required to make a difference. To help you help us we have tried to make it incredibly easy for everyone to get involved.

“Our website is an invaluable resource that offers easy access to posters, sponsorship forms, inspiration for events and educational resources which anyone can use to make their occasion a success.

“If you have not registered yet then don’t worry it’s not too late just everything you need is just a few clicks away.”

Mouth Cancer Action Month is a charity campaign sponsored by Denplan and supported by Dentists’ Provident and the Association of Dental Groups, and aims to get more mouth cancers diagnosed at an early stage by increasing education of the risk factors and signs and symptoms while encouraging everybody to discuss them with their dental professional.

Mouth cancer is one of the UK’s fastest increasing cancers, with cases up by almost 40 per cent in the last decade alone.  Being on the frontline in the fight against mouth cancer, your support and participation remains instrumental in helping us combat a disease which kills more people every year than testicular and cervical cancer combined.

“Survival rates for those with mouth cancer have not improved in the last 20 years, but, as well as offering resources to support your event, our website provides all of the information required which allow everyone to be ‘Mouthaware’ and help to stop mouth cancer in its tracks. By spotting mouth cancer early enough, we will give patients the best possible chance to be successfully treated and have a good quality of life.” added Dr Carter.

“Last year, more than 1,500 of you supported Mouth Cancer Action Month by informing patients and local people about this rapidly increasing disease, the benefits of good oral health for our overall health and spreading the message that when mouth cancer is picked up earlier, treatment is more likely to be successful. This year we hope to go even bigger and by making everything available online we can all work together to beat mouth cancer.

“We remain enormously thankful and humbled by the continued support shown for an increasingly important cause.”