03 June 2016

As we enter the final stretch of National Smile Month 2016 we want to remind everyone how smiling can spread happiness to those around them.

That is why we are excited to announce the third winner of our Nominate a Smile competition and the next face of National Smile Month 2016… congratulations to Gina Joseph.

Gina works at Lavender Road Dental Clinic in Leicester and was nominated by her team due to how she constantly brings smile to everyone around her.

Her colleague Laura Peel commented in her nomination: “Gina is guaranteed to make everybody in the practice smile daily.

“She is always going the extra mile, staying late and running through lunch but the smile is never off her face and she never stops telling jokes to get other people smiling.”

We visited Gina and the team to surprise her with a prize, she was taken aback as she was totally unware that she had been entered into the competition.

Asked what made her so smiley, Gina said everything made her smile and she was a naturally smiley person.

During National Smile Month and beyond we can all learn something from Gina and approach our day with a smile to help bring happiness to those around us.

A smile is closely related to our confidence, wellbeing and health. A smile is highly contagious and is worth remembering that is something we all possess.

We still have one winner to be announced, who will be the lucky winner and final face of National Smile Month 2016?