10 December 2014

The British Dental Health Foundation is delighted to announce The Wand has been granted accreditation by its independent board of dental experts.

The Wand Single Tooth Anaesthesia (STATM) System is the first computer-controlled local dental anaesthetic machine where just one injection at a single tooth ensures single-session injection precision.

The benefit of The Wand is a pain-free visit to the dental clinic for patients, and Brian Jackson from Dental Practice Systems, sole distributors of The Wand in the UK, thinks this feature is necessary for thousands of patients unwilling to head to the dentist.

Mr Jackson said: "The Adult Dental Health Survey identified one in three patients suffer from moderate dental anxiety and roughly one in eight suffer from extreme dental anxiety. However there are many more who have not come forward, so the problem is under-reported.

"We now know The Wand's claims to offer patients pain-free injections can be substantiated. We hope practices that specialise in treating nervous patients will utilise The Wand to offer a more comfortable experience."

Director of Operations Sharon Broom added: "We are delighted to add our seal of approval to The Wand.

"We know from calls to our Dental Helpline that a section of patients are afraid of the dentist, perhaps from a past or childhood experience. Accrediting The Wand gives dental practices the independent reassurance they need to tell their patients about what they can offer. With over 150 products in 50 countries around the world, the accreditation scheme is a valued commodity and a trusted voice. On behalf of the British Dental Health Foundation, I welcome The Wand as one of those trusted products."

For further information please visit Painfree Dentistry.