1 June 2018

Scotland's Trish Maitland has been announced as a winner of Nominate A Smile – a UK-wide search to find special individuals who deserve recognition for their impact in the community.

Dental hygienist Trish (55), from Stonehaven, was selected by campaign organisers, the Oral Health Foundation, because of her decades of commitment to NHS dentistry, charity and voluntary work.

Trish, who works at Dental Inspirations on North Deeside Road, was nominated for the award by her practice manger Leianna Minty, who labelled her as a ‘HyGenius’ before saying she has one of the “warmest smiles that would ever greet you.”

Speaking of Trish, Leianna says: “Nothing is too much for her, she goes above and beyond for all her patients and really just anyone she comes into contact with.

“Trish is dedicated, genuine and has a true heart of gold.

“I could list thing after thing about our Trish and why she should win, but mostly because she is her and we love her.”

In the nomination, Leianna goes into detail about how Trish makes time to help raise money for charities despite providing care for her son with Cystic Fibrosis.

“Trish has various things going on with her personal life, giving love and assistance to her family, especially her son and elderly parents, but she still makes time for charity work both within the practice and personally.

“Even on her days off she volunteers at care homes.

“Trish is such a wonderful dental hygienist, or HyGenius as we prefer, that patients have followed her from the NHS to our private practice just to continue to receive her care.”

The Nominate a Smile competition is a key part of National Smile Month, a charity campaign to promote good oral health, and sets out to find very special people with smiles that have the power to lift all those around them.

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, CEO of the Oral Health Foundation, said: “Nominate A Smile is all about finding remarkable ambassadors that have a positive impact on individuals or communities. It is because of this, that we are delighted to announce Trish as our latest winner.

“The dedication and commitment to provide care and continuously strive to improve the lives of just about everyone she comes into contact with is absolutely heart-warming.

“We are so pleased to give her dental team in Aberdeen the opportunity to show Trish just how valued and appreciated she is, not just for her warm smile but also for all the work she does and lives she touches both inside and outside the practice.”

Running from May 14 to June 14, National Smile Month communicates the importance of good oral health and what everybody can go to achieve a health mouth.

The Oral Health Foundation wants to encourage more people to brush their teeth last thing at night and at one other time during the day with a fluoride toothpaste.

During National Smile Month, the charity is also keen to highlight the importance of cutting down on how much and how often people have sugary foods and drinks, as well as encouraging regular dental visits. 

For more information about how you can participate in National Smile Month, click on the links below...