20 October 2015

The Blue Ribbon Appeal has become synonymous with the fight against mouth cancer and with November marking Mouth Cancer Action Month the campaign returns to spread awareness and save lives.

Funds raised through the Blue Ribbon Appeal over the past few years have already gone a long way to helping spread awareness of the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer, and this year the money raised will look to go even further to help reduce the number of lives lost to the disease.

The British Dental Health Foundation, organisers of the campaign, is asking you to ensure all staff and colleagues are showing their support of mouth cancer action by wearing a ribbon and making Mouth Cancer Action Month the biggest and most effective yet.

Unfortunately, survival rates for those with mouth cancer have not improved in the last 20 years. The Blue Ribbon Appeal plays a key role in helping everyone to be ‘Mouthaware’ and promotes the message that by spotting mouth cancer early, we have the best possible chance to be successfully treated and have a good quality of life.

Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, explained how your support of the Blue Ribbon Appeal can really make a difference.

Dr Carter said: “We are extremely proud of our Blue Ribbon Appeal.  The symbol has become a cornerstone of Mouth Cancer Action Month which thousands of people recognise and associate with the cause.  Sadly, the fact remains that there are still far too many people who are not aware of the important role the blue ribbon plays in encouraging us to speak out about mouth cancer and in recognising the significance of early detection in saving lives.

“A blue ribbon costs £1.  There are not many things which you can get for £1 today but by using it to buy a blue ribbon you have the ability to change lives and put mouth cancer awareness firmly in the mind of the patient. To highlight the difference you can make the British Dental Health Foundation has researched exactly what your donation goes towards.”

  • £1 allows us to print a set of posters which can be displayed in a dental practice and spread awareness of the need to carry out a comprehensive mouth cancer examination and discuss any worries with a dentist.
  • £5 pays for us to process the registration of one of the fantastic dental practices who support Mouth Cancer Action Month. Allowing the impact of the campaign to really reach the heart of the community they work in.
  • £10 allows for one of our expert dental helpline staff to take a call from a potential mouth cancer patient and give them advice and support which could save their life.
  • £25 lets us create and distribute the blue lipsticks and blue kisses which thousands of dental professionals use to support the #bluelipselfie campaign and spread awareness of effects and dangers of mouth cancer.
  • £50 gives us the ability to deliver an extensive Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign pack full of essential educational resources, giving a dental practice everything they need to kick start their campaign campaign.

“Over the past few years over a quarter of a million of you have bought and wore the blue ribbon with pride. This year we are calling on you to show your support by displaying your Blue Ribbon Appeal box in your waiting room, allowing it to play a key role in directly engaging with your patients,” added Dr Carter.

“We also want you, at the forefront of the profession and in the perfect position to influence patients, to wear your blue ribbons for everyone to see. Your support is vital in helping to educate people on the issues surrounding mouth cancer, whether it’s talking about the risk factors involved, the early warning signs or the benefits of early detection all can make a difference in improving awareness and ultimately saving lives.”

When you have run out of badges, you can simply request more! Remember, mouth cancer deserves our attention all year round. So please show your support by getting involved in the Blue Ribbon Appeal not only through November’s Mouth Cancer Action Month but by wearing the badges and having them on your reception desk for patients throughout 12 months of the year.

Also please don’t just buy one for you… get your family, friends and colleagues to pitch in too!  We want to see as many of you as possible wearing them as a sign of support.

Once you and your colleagues are wearing your blue ribbons with pride, leave a box full of badges on your reception desk and encourage patients to buy one to spread awareness of mouth cancer further than ever.

To get your blue ribbon badge, click here to purchase one or many, from our online shop.