National Smile Month

National Smile Month is the largest and longest-running campaign to promote good oral health. Join us in educating, motivating and communicating positive oral health messages. Read more

The Oral Health Podcast

We have teamed up with GSK, Pronamel and Sensodyne to create a mini-series of podcasts to help you improve your oral health. Read more

Events and activities

Click here to see what our fantastic supporters will be getting up to for the campaign this year! Read more

The importance of a healthy smile

Achieving and maintaining a healthy mouth can have so many wonderful life-changing benefits. Because of this, it only makes sense to give our oral health the best care possible. Read more

The Smiley

With our Smiley, you will find it impossible not to show your smile behind it. More than half a million of you have used them over the years. It’s simple fun, and educational too. Read more

What you can do for National Smile Month

National Smile Month creates opportunities for supporters, organisations, schools and workplaces to help share positive messages about the importance of good oral health. Read more

Create your National Smile Month event

Looking to raise funds or hold an awareness event for National Smile Month? You can create your very own event here and share the page with as many people as possible. Read more

The impact of National Smile Month

Health inequalities are almost entirely preventable – National Smile Month gives us a timely reminder that we can make a difference in addressing this unjust imbalance. Read more

National Smile Month downloads

Here are just a few things that you can download and use to promote National Smile Month. We’ll be adding more free downloads to this area so that you can support us throughout the month so keep coming back. Read more

National Smile Month Shop

By purchasing your educational resources from the National Smile Month shop you are helping us to raise valuable income to fund our charitable work. Thank you! Read more

Official sponsors

We are once again hugely indebted to our campaign sponsors. The campaign simply wouldn’t be possible without their educational grants and generous charitable support. Read more