Grab some of our Smileys and take as many pictures as you can of people using them. Whether it’s a selfie, or a photo with family, friends or colleagues – show us as many smileys as you can muster. Read more

Two minute challenge

The two minute challenge is great fun and perfect for schools, colleges, workplaces and community groups. In fact, anywhere there are working groups of people. Read more

School visit for National Smile Month

For National Smile Month, we’re encouraging dental professionals to make contact with nearby schools to deliver oral health education in the classroom and engage children about healthy lifestyles. Read more

Class visit to the dentist

Classrooms visiting local dental practices are particularly popular event for schools during National Smile Month and are a great way to engage young people in positive oral health messages. Read more


The Brushathon is an event which has roots right to the beginning of National Smile Month. It’s not only perfect to get schools and groups of children involved but it’s great fun for adults in the workplace too. Read more

Toothbrush exchange

The Toothbrush Exchange is an amnesty that dental practices, school or workplaces can create by encouraging people to hand in their old brushes and replaces them with a new one free of charge. Read more

Fundraising ideas

If you would like to become a fundraiser for the Oral Health Foundation but not sure what to do, take a look at our top 20 ideas for activities to give you a helping hand. Read more

Dazzling displays

An eye catching display for National Smile Month is easy to set-up and can be a great way of grabbing people’s attention. They are also a fantastic way for people to learn more about their oral health. Read more


Workshops involve dental practices and oral health educators popping into schools, care homes, community centres and workplaces to deliver oral health education. Read more

Arts and crafts

Often people love nothing more than getting their hands dirty making things. Creative sessions are hugely inspiring, either in community groups or schools and a great way to include oral health messages. Read more