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About Us

The Oral Health Foundation is an independent charity (not for profit) dedicated to improving oral health and wellbeing around the world. For more than 40 years we have continued to provide expert, independent and impartial advice on all aspects of oral health directly to those who need it most.

We work closely with UK and European governments, dental and health professionals, manufacturers, the dental trade, national and local agencies and the public, to achieve our mission of addressing the inequalities which exist in oral health, changing people's lives for the better.

Here are just some of the things we have achieved over the last year:

  • We facilitated and assisted in 2,500 community events promoting oral health.
  • We worked with more than 5,000 dental and health organisations to increase awareness of important oral health issues.
  • Our joint work with hundreds of schools helped promote the value of a healthy smile to thousands of children.
  • More than one million of our 'Tell Me About' patient information leaflets were supplied to dental practices and hospitals.
  • We had 1,732 articles promoting oral health in the media and press.
  • Our messages promoting good oral hygiene reached an estimated 560 million people worldwide.
  • Our Dental Helpline provided direct advice to 10,000 people.
  • Our website saw more than two million of you visit us for oral health information.
  • We accredited more than 150 oral health products to help consumers make informed choices.

Formed in 1971, the concept of preventive dentistry and the benefits which could ensue from it were very new and being practiced by only a small proportion of the dental profession. The founding fathers of the Oral Health Foundation wished to see the preventive message that 'Teeth are for Life' spread as widely as possible to the public with the aim of improving the overall oral health of everyone.

Help and Support

For more than 15 years we have run a Dental Helpline from our head office in the United Kingdom. Our Dental Helpline is a truly charitable service and the crucial work by our experts continues to make a difference to public and professionals alike, proving an invaluable resource in educating the public on a range of dental and oral health related matters.

Educational Resources

As a charity, we provide high quality information and oral hygiene products to health professionals everywhere. We have over 7,000 customers from dental surgeries, health centres, hospitals and education centres, offering a range of more than 500 products which offer value and quality to professionals seeking oral health education and motivational materials for their patients and their local community.


We also organise and run two annual campaigns in the UK, National Smile Month (15 May - 15 June, 2017) and Mouth Cancer Action Month (throughout November). We use these campaigns to spread public awareness of oral health issues via the press while encouraging the profession to be more active in education and oral health promotion in their local communities.

Consumer Confidence

For more than 20 years, we have helped the dental profession and consumers make informed choices about which oral care products they buy. Our Accreditation programme gives us the opportunity to provide people with information, protection and education regarding which oral health products they buy, and ensures that the marketing claims made by manufacturers are trustworthy and backed up by scientific evidence. We are proud that our Accreditation programme is now the largest of its type in the world, with more than 150 products spanning across more than 60 countries.

Changing our Name

In April 2016 we changed our name from British Dental Health Foundation to Oral Health Foundation, to better represent our growing body of work globally. The new name also signalled the shift in terminology over the last few decades from 'dental health' to 'oral health' - something which is far more encompassing.


We are a registered charity (not for profit) in the United Kingdom - charity number 263198 - and a company limited by guarantee. All our activities are overseen by a Board of Trustees who ensure the Oral Health Foundation continues to provide the very best help and support for millions of people around the world.


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