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International Activities

Although our primary work takes place in the United Kingdom, our activity overseas has significantly increased over the last decade. Our growth in America, Europe and the Middle East has meant that millions more people have been able to enjoy better oral health which has had a dramatic effect on their quality of life.

More than two million people from over 220 countries came to our website last year, and to reach even more people worldwide raising further awareness of the importance of good oral health we have created this new multi-language website to serve increased international demand for quality oral health information.

The growth of our activities overseas was one of the core reasons why, in April 2016, we decided to change our name from British Dental Health Foundation to Oral Health Foundation.

Some of our other charitable activity overseas includes:

  • Launching the first ever Smile Month in the United Arab Emirates in June 2014. The pilot campaign was deemed a big success and we are now looking to roll out the campaign permanently in March 2015, before expanding the Smile Month throughout the Middle East
  • Our membership to the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe puts us in a key position to promote oral health and the cost-effective prevention of oral diseases in Europe. The group seeks a common European approach towards education, prevention and access to better oral health in Europe
  • Our Accreditation programme approves dental products on every continent to make us the biggest dental accreditation body in the world
  • In the Middle East we translate patient information leaflets into Arabic for distribution throughout the Arabian peninsula - advice and guidance which is read by millions of people
  • Our educational patient resources are distributed widely throughout Europe. Our most popular destinations are Spain, Greece and Finland
  • We are discussing the launch of Tell Me About patient information leaflets in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, which could transform access to high quality, expert information provided to patients and the general public in these areas of the world
  • We supply oral health educational resources and materials for the Dental Defence Service, going to troops and service personnel all around the world. We send tens of thousands of much needed oral hygiene products every year to more than 30 countries including Germany, Cyprus and Iraq
  • Our website is visited by over two million people from more than 220 countries, looking for advice about their oral health. Outside of the United Kingdom, top visits by territory are the United States of America, India, Australia, Canada and the Philippines


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