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Your Oral Health Valentine

Written by David Arnold
Friday, 14 Feb 2014 09:42

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus - that's the saying we often utter to mark out the differences between the two sexes. For centuries, scientists and scholars have tried to offer some answers to this mystifying enigma and while many theories have been pondered, few certainties are actually known. The rules of attraction between men and women change on a daily basis, making the question "what is the opposite sex is attracted to" testing to say the least. Now it seems this preoccupation has gone dental.

Check out this lovely infographic about: "Which attribute do you find most attractive in a partner?"

Valentine Infographic about:

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Comments (3)


Kelly Jersey says:

A nice smile, good personality and twinkly eyes

Jane Jenkinson says:

Definitely a smiley, happy personality.

Susan Spicer says:

Personality very closely followed by the Smile!!

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