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Stan Brock: The Medicine Man

Written by David Arnold
Tuesday, 6 May 2014 11:42

A British-born Amazonian cowboy's lifelong quest to bring free health services to America has had his story told as part of a feature-length documentary.

Stan Brock, originally from Preston, founded the Remote Area Medical charity in 1985, and has since provided more than £35 million of free healthcare to around 300,000 people in the US, including vital dental care, examinations and treatment.

His inspiring and challenging story about an unlikely man on an unwavering and improbable mission to confront one of the biggest social issues in America - an issue of which, thanks to the NHS, we might take for granted here in the UK.

You can watch the documentary Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story from the Indiegogo website.

The British filmmakers are also seeking donations to be able to continue telling his story. Fundraising has 6 days to go, closing on May 11, so please help them by making a contribution. Thank you.

Stan Brock The Medicine Man


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For anyone wishing to still donate to the film you can do so by visiting our website: Many thanks!

Diana hickerson says:

It is people like you that gives hope to those less fortunate. I have a friend in great need of dentures has about 15 teeth left fighting infection. He is a good man, I pray you can help him or can tell me where to go. Can't find work and maybe becoming homeless. He prays so hard please help. ThNk you in advance. God Bless you whether or not you can help my friend.

Thanks Ian, he really is amazing! I work on the film, have tweeted Bridge2Aid be great if you could share the link out thanks

Ian Wilson (Bridge2Aid Founder) says:

Fantastic story of a charismatic, passionate pioneer with a heart for those in need.

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