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Word of Mouth, Issue 20 - June 2014

Written by Dr Nigel Carter OBE
Thursday, 26 Jun 2014 09:25

Hello, and a warm welcome to the June edition of Word of Mouth.

National Smile Month - our campaign to dramatically improve oral health in the UK - comes to a close today for yet another year. And what a month it has been. National Smile Month 2014 has undoubtedly been one of the biggest and best yet, with oral health education and healthy mouth messages reaching millions of people throughout the country. As always, we have been delighted to see hundreds of specialised events promoting the importance of good oral health and hygiene in local communities - activities that really make a difference the increasing education and awareness of oral health, often in areas where they are needed the most.

Oral health in the UK has dramatically improved since our first campaign back in 1977. Huge advances in technology and dental treatment methods, the introduction of fluoride into toothpaste and a greater presence of dental education have all moved alongside our craving for the perfect smile. Our teeth as a country are now healthier and better looking than ever before but despite the undoubted progression in the quality of our oral health there are still many aspects of care, particularly in many disadvantaged areas of the UK, which need the support and time to develop. In 2014, National Smile Month has attempted to decrease the gap in oral health that currently exists between the socio-economic groups of the UK, to once again try and improve our health as a nation for the better.

Throughout the issue, we will be looking at just some of the reasons why you should keep up good oral health and why a healthy mouth really does give you a better chance of having a healthy body. We will take an in-depth look into our nationwide survey and what it says about our attitudes and behaviours towards oral health and we also have some excellent guest articles too!

I hope you enjoy this edition of Word of Mouth and have had an enjoyable National Smile Month in 2014. Over the past 30 years, the campaign has coincided with major improvements of oral health in the UK and continues to provide everyone with the opportunity to participate in that continuing challenge.

Front Cover Word of Mouth 2014 June Issue 20

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