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Show your support for Flying Fernandez and her fantastic mouth cancer fundraiser!

Written by George Bushell
Friday, 7 Apr 2017 10:29

Later this month, the amazing Louise Fernandez will be jetting off to Austria to take part in the Vienna City Half Marathon, to raise awareness of mouth cancer. Louise is running in support of the Oral Health Foundation’s Mouth Cancer Action campaign, a cause which is especially close to her as it has affected somebody very important to her.

Since September 2016, Louise’s close friend, Charlie Rees has been on a tumultuous journey after being diagnosed with mouth cancer. Following on from her diagnosis, Charlie has undergone surgery to remove part of her tongue and had to battle mentally and physically through numerous sessions of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Throughout her journey, Charlie has remained strong, determined and courageous. For Louise, the Vienna City Half Marathon is the perfect opportunity to support her brave friend. And to make the start line herself, Louise has had a journey of her own through her relentless training. This points to her determination to spread awareness of mouth cancer and the bond that her and Charlie both share.

Please show your support for Louise in final few weeks before her amazing challenge by taking a look at her Just Giving page...

All donations, no matter how big or small, would be greatly appreciated by Louise, Charlie and all of us at the Oral Health Foundation. Anybody can be affected by mouth cancer and sadly, research has shown that mouth cancer is becoming more common, particularly in younger people and women.

It is now the sixth most common cancer in the world, yet far too many people still are not aware of it and the affect that it has on thousands of people each year. We are asking you to be aware of the main symptoms of mouth cancer. These are; mouth ulcers that do not heal within three weeks, red or white patches within the mouth and any unusual lumps in your mouth or neck area. It is important to visit your dental team straight away if you are worried about any of these symptoms. If in doubt get checked out.

If you would like to learn more about mouth cancer, its causes, signs and treatment, you can find more information at

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