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Welcoming Pro Expert

Written by Dr Nigel Carter OBE
Thursday, 14 Jul 2011 08:06

For 20 years, the British Dental Health Foundation's Accreditation Programme has been offering concerned consumers reassurance about product safety and quality by marking oral health products with its certified ‘Approved' logo. With more than 150 approved products to date, the Foundation's accreditation scheme evaluates and clinically tests these products against manufacturer's claims about their performance. Today, I am pleased to announce the latest edition to that essential list.

Last Friday on July 1, Procter & Gamble launched the first toothpaste under its Oral-B dental brand in the UK, called Pro-Expert. More than 15 years in development, the Pro-Dental range includes four toothpastes that have each been developed to provide an all-in-one toothpaste that targets the eight problem dental areas identified by dentists, have just passed our independent scientific panel.

It's a big step to launch your first toothpaste, so for Oral-B to launch four of them, and to get each one to tick all the boxes in terms of a "gold" standard toothpaste, is something very special indeed. I would like to welcome to Pro Expert range to the Accreditation family and hope their new range of products can excite the public while being able to improve their oral health.

The toothpaste itself is being talked up as being one of the most significant new oral care product launches of the year, and you can see why. Its unique stannous fluoride formulation makes tooth enamel more resistant to bacteria-generated acid attacks than convention sodium fluoride used in most toothpastes. While the eight areas in which help make the Pro-Expert range so effective include protection against gum problems, plaque, caries, calculus formation, dentinal hypersensitivity, staining and bad breath as well as erosion - it really is an all-in one toothpaste - an exciting progression in the market.

The Pro Expert toothpaste, as with all the Foundation's accredited products range will be marked with the official ‘approved' badge (see right).

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The Foundation welcomes submissions from all manufacturers who feel their products will satisfy the Foundation's rigorous and objective accreditation criteria.

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Account Deleted says:

Is this really such a new product?Is the information provided here correct?P&G have been using stannous fluoride for years in Crest toothpaste.P&G themselves say that the advantage of the tin is for antibacterial/antiplaque activity and that the improved enamel resistance is due to fluoride from either stannous or sodium salts.From the Crest Pro Health (P&G) website"Stannous fluoride is an anti-bacterial agent that's clinically proven to protect against gingivitis, plaque and tooth sensitivity,

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