3 Dec 2014

Two years of hard work from many member organisations and affiliated bodies has brought us within touching distance of standardised packaging becoming a reality.

In Parliament during November, when asked about standardised packaging Public Health Minister Jane Ellison said:

"I am encouraged by the evidence from Australia. We have seen some really impressive statistics regarding the cessation of smoking. The Government have not yet made a final decision on the matter, but Health Ministers are on the record as saying that we are minded to move forward on this, and we want to make progress."

We achieved smokefree legislation by working together and taking co-ordinated action as a coalition and it's time to do this again to secure standardised packaging.

To ensure Parliament gets the chance before the next General Election to vote on the regulations needed to put it into practice we must call urgently on MPs to support the policy and demand a vote before Parliament dissolves.

Where your organisation supports standardised packaging, we are urging you to:

  • Send a letter on behalf of your organisation asking local MPs to urge the Government to bring regulations before Parliament at the earliest opportunity. Supportive letters from key local figures such as Directors of Public Health, Chairs of Health & Wellbeing Boards and elected members, will all make a difference. You'll find attached a template letter to adapt for your area.

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