From our main sponsors, Simplyhealth Professionals, #BlueLipSelfie is a fun, positive campaign which helps raise awareness of mouth cancer.

#BlueLipSelfie encourages everyone to wear blue lips as a visible sign of support for mouth cancer.

Whether you choose cartoon lips in the #BlueLipSelfie app, blue lipstick or plastic lips, you can helps us boost awareness of this disease, its symptoms, its risk factors, and how to minimise risk. Plus you can have a little bit of fun in the process!

So put on your best blue smile and be part of something huge to get everybody talking about mouth cancer.

How to take part

Everybody can take part in the Blue Lip Selfie campaign; men or women, old or young, it doesn’t matter.

All you need to do is take a selfie of yourself or alongside family, friends or colleagues, and upload to the official blue lip selfie gallery at On the microsite, you can customise your selfies with fun blue cartoon lips.

You can also submit selfies to gallery by taking a photo of you with blue lipstick or blue plastic lips and share on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #BlueLipSelfie – the choice is yours!

As well as uploading you selfies to the official app, don’t forget to share your selfies with the hashtag #bluelipselfie to help raise awareness get the campaign going viral and encourage others to show their support for mouth cancer.

For a quirky fundraising idea, why not sponsor your friends, family and colleagues to wear blue lipstick for a day, week or even the whole month?

Blue lipsticks and blue lips

Head to our shop and pick up a Blue Lipstick or/and a pack of Blue Lips.

In November, blue is the new red! So pick up one of our new Blue Lipsticks from our store. They’re only £2.50 – a great way to support a charity and raise awareness of mouth cancer.

Our Retro Plastic Lips (like the ones you get in crackers) are a great alternative for those who might not want to wear blue lipstick, while still being able to take part in the campaign!

Purchase blue lipsticks and lips

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Mouth Cancer Action Month is sponsored by Simplyhealth Professionals and in association with the Mouth Cancer Foundation.

We are proud and delighted to be working alongside both our partners. Their commitment and passion for raising awareness of mouth cancer is vital to the success of our campaign.