National Smile Month

Between 13 May and 13 June 2024, the Oral Health Foundation will be raising awareness of important oral health issues with the theme:

Love Your Smile

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Building links between local schools and a nearby dental practice is one of the most rewarding National Smile Month activities, and also one of the most effective.

A class visit to the dentist for early years and primary school children is a great way to engage children in positive oral health messages, whether it is demonstrating good toothbrushing techniques, giving lessons on sugar in food and healthy diets, or even simply good day-to-day advice on oral health routines.

By a classroom visiting the dentist, the children can actually be made to feel more comfortable with the sights and the sounds of the dental practice, as well as easing any anxiety they may have about a trip to the dentist.

By approaching a local dental practice to propose a classroom visit for a few hours one day, the lessons learnt could prove vital in their early years and wellbeing, having positive effects not only now, but in the future too.

And if you’re a dental practice who would like to forge closer links to schools, don’t wait for them to get in touch. There’s nothing to stop you from sending out open invitations to teachers and schools themselves.

Having a class visit you is not only a wonderful community activity, it’s also tremendous goodwill for the practice too.

Arranging a school trip to the dentist

  • Dental practices contact schools, or schools contact dental practice with a proposal.

  • State what you would like the session to include and the learning outcomes that will be achieved by the children.

  • Schools prepare and distribute a parental approval form. If the dental practice wishes to take photographs of the session, then photography release forms will also need to be signed by the parents.

  • After the session, dental practice can hand out Dental Goody Bags for the children to take home with them.

  • Back in the classroom teachers can then test the children on what they have learned.