Ali Khurram

Hi everyone,

My name is Ali and I am a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant Pathologist based in Sheffield. Being a pathologist, I am aware of the devastating impact of mouth cancer as a disease firsthand and the need for early detection to improve patient survival. One of the biggest challenges in mouth cancer treatment is patients presenting at a delayed stage, therefore initiative such as 'Mouth Cancer Action Month' are absolutely critical in raising the awareness about this disease.

Most people are not aware of the significant increase in mouth cancer cases (over 60% increase in new cases in the last decade) and that the survival chances can be lower than the much more common and better known cancers (such as breast and lung cancer etc.). Delayed detection and treatment also means that the patients end up undergoing more radical surgery with a significantly higher morbidity and adverse effects on their quality of life.

This is the 20th year of MCAM and charities like the Oral Health Foundation have done a stellar job to spread the word about mouth cancer over the years. However, more efforts are needed to further raise awareness of this disease to facilitate early detection/clinical intervention. Furthermore, all charities have suffered significantly this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic (including the oral health foundation) and hopefully this day will help raise some much needed funds to fight this devastating disease.

I am planning a 12 hour online 'VIRTUATHON' (8 am to 8pm) for MCAM (Mouth Cancer Action Month) on the 17th of November 2020 (a day before the Oral Health Foundation's Blue Wednesday event). On this day, I will be joined by colleagues, friends, patients and experts to talk about experiences and challenges related to mouth cancer diagnosis as well as shed some light on the thinking of clinicians and discuss 'what happens behind the scenes'. We are also hoping to have some panel discussions and the event will be open to patients, their families/carers, public, students as well as clinicians and will be broadcast on Youtube where anyone would be welcome to ask questions and join the discussion.

I would be really grateful for your help and support!


Ali Khurram