Mouth Cancer Action Month

Hello everyone and welcome to my fundraising page. 
I pledge to row 100km on my rowing machine during this years Mouth Cancer Action Month- November. I would love to raise £500 for Oral Health Foundation who are doing an amazing job in spreading the awareness and education around mouth cancer. 
Mouth Cancer Action Month is the UK's biggest charity campaign for mouth cancer awareness organised by Oral Health Foundation.
So far the Oral Health Foundation has invested nearly £2 million on improving awareness and education around mouth cancer. This could not have happened without many donations they had received so far.
Over the last year, 8,337 people in the UK were given the life-changing news that they have mouth cancer.
Unfortunately, these numbers continue to rise while the disease claims more lives than cervical and testicular cancer combined!
The more we know about mouth cancer, the better chance we have of beating it. This means knowing how to spot mouth cancer early and knowing where to go when we see something out of the ordinary. It also means reducing our risk by cutting down on the things that cause mouth cancer.
As a dental professional I feel strongly about this cause. On every visit I screen my patients for any early signs of oral cancer and refer to specialist when necessary.
Please check out the The Oral Health Foundation website for more information how to spot an early signs of oral cancer. If you spot anything which looks suspicious or different than usually, please book an appointment with your dentist or dental hygienist as soon as possible.
Thank you,

Karolina Rafalko