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Gum bacteria linked to cancer risk

27th Sep 2012

The British Dental Health Foundation believes new scientific research presented is a further indication of a possible link between pancreatic cancer and gum disease.The latest research1, presented in …

DNA testing to prevent gum disease

20th Jun 2011

A new study that will attempt to use DNA to detect and predict the risk of gum disease has been commissioned in the USA.The breakthrough research, to be conducted by the University of Michigan's Schoo…

New study reveals shocking levels of gum disease

25th Sep 2010

After new research suggesting that more American adults may have gum disease than previously thought, the UK could find itself in a very similar position, says a dental expert.Chief Executive of the B…

Milking the benefit

24th Sep 2010

A new study has found that people who drink milk may be more likely to lose weight.Researchers found that the high levels of dairy calcium and serum vitamin D in milk can lead to greater weight loss, …

Children with asthma no more likely to have tooth decay

22nd Sep 2010

A new study has shown that there is no connection between asthma and tooth decay in children.In the past, there have been suggestions that the two were linked, especially for children.The new report, …

Coffee breaks cut mouth cancer risk

26th Jun 2010

Drinking five cups of coffee a day could cut the risk of mouth cancer, a new study shows.According to research those who enjoy a regular coffee fix are over a third less likely to develop cancer of th…

Successful gum disease treatment reduces early births

11th Mar 2010

A new study has revealed the strongest suggestion yet that successful treatment of periodontal disease reduces the number of premature babies. The findings, which were publicised at the Annual Meeting…

Dentists "can" predict heart disease too

03rd Feb 2010

In a remarkable study in Sweden, dentists have led the way in a study designed to spot the early-warning signs of cardiovascular disease - which can lead to heart attacks. The study published in this …

Improve your patients' understanding

24th Sep 2004

The British Dental Health Foundation has a range of consultation guides available after taking sole UK agency of American Dental Association (ADA) products.The superb ADA flip-guides contain detailed …

Brush off stress to stay healthy

17th Feb 2004

The British Dental Health Foundation is urging people to"stay calm and stay healthy", following a new study linking stress to gum disease.The study, which was published in the December edition of the …

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