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Campaigners raise importance of HPV vaccinations for men and boys on World Cancer Day 2018

02nd Feb 2018

Cancer campaigners are calling for greater public awareness of the diseases that can be prevented in the UK through human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccinations for boys and men, as well as girls and women…

British Asian population facing ‘incredibly high’ mouth cancer risk, doctor warns

30th Nov 2017

A leading doctor has issued a warning to Asians living in the UK that they could be putting themselves at a significant risk of mouth cancer as a result of traditional high-risk habits.Dr Chet Trivedy…

Partners and friends open up about the moment those closest to them were diagnosed with mouth cancer

27th Nov 2017

It is a type of cancer that is relatively unknown but with a dramatic rise in the numbers of people being diagnosed, more of us than ever before are having a very personal experience with mouth cancer…

Are you Mouthaware? Charity reveals early warning signs of mouth cancer

15th Nov 2017

When it comes to cancer, we might like to think that we're pretty clued up. It's now fairly established that we should be aware and proactive in checking for an unusual lump to the breasts or testicle…

Women and mouth cancer: What you need to know about this increasingly common illness

13th Nov 2017

Within the last decade, mouth cancer rates in British women have shot up by more than a third (40%). Over 2,500 women in the United Kingdom are given the devastating news they have mouth cancer every …

Charity ‘concerned’ by study highlighting lack of awareness between HPV and mouth cancer

06th Nov 2017

A new study investigating awareness of mouth cancer in the United Kingdom reveals a startling lack of awareness when it comes to the disease and one of its leading causes, the human papillomavirus (HP…

Jumping from the skies for mouth cancer action

15th Sep 2017

Jumping out of a plane from 15,000 feet to raise money and awareness of mouth cancer may sound extreme. But that's precisely what mouth cancer fundraiser extraordinaire Sarah Cocks has achieved.Mum of…

‘Unjust, unfair and discriminatory decision will cost lives’: charity slams JCVI decision on HPV

19th Jul 2017

The decision by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) today to deny boys a vaccination against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has been condemned by a leading oral health charity.…

Brighton dental team set to raise money for mouth cancer by taking on BM10k

04th Apr 2017

‘A visit to the dentist is about more than looking after our teeth and gums, it could also save our life'. This is the message from the team at Brighton's Dental Health Spa as they get set to compet…

Inadequate, unfair and discriminatory HPV vaccination programme putting millions of lives at risk

03rd Feb 2017

Leading health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, have reiterated their call for the urgent introduction of a gender-neutral HPV vaccination in the UK in order to stop a rapid increase in mouth canc…

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