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Charity urges workplaces to tackle poor oral health as sick days cost UK economy £105m

15th May 2017

The Oral Health Foundation is urging workplaces and employees to prioritise their oral health as new research reveals that oral health problems such as toothache are costing the UK economy more than …

The return of National Smile Month gives you the chance to put a smile on your patient's face

06th Apr 2017

Leading health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, is delighted to announce the return of National Smile Month for 2017, with the campaign promising to bring with it a summer time of smiles right acr…

Charity campaign continues to raise vital awareness of oral health

01st Jul 2016

The 40th Birthday of National Smile Month has been celebrated up and down the country is what has been a momentous and emotional occasion for its organiser's the Oral Health Foundation. Since its ince…

Grin and don’t bare it: Could poor oral health be stopping us from showing our teeth in selfies?

18th May 2016

While the majority of us are more than happy to smile for the camera we are not so keen on putting our gnashers on display when it comes to saying "cheese", according to a new nationwide poll from the…

Educational Resources 'the key' to a successful National Smile Month

26th Apr 2016

National Smile Month organisers the Oral Health Foundation are encouraging dental care professionals to get ready for the campaign and support the charity by getting hold of their exclusive educationa…

All smiles as UK’s largest oral health campaign celebrates 40th Birthday

18th Apr 2016

Leading health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, is delighted to announce the return of National Smile Month for 2016, this year the campaign promises to be bigger and better than ever as it marks …

The strangest places we’ve brushed our teeth…revealed!

16th Jun 2015

A NATIONWIDE survey looking into some of the more unusual places we have brushed our teeth has discovered that we take our toothbrush no matter where we might go.The research, commissioned by the Brit…

Looks like we don’t forget our toothbrush after all!

09th Jun 2015

As nine in ten of us finalise our overseas holiday plans, new research reveals that it’s a toothbrush which is the most important item we take with us.In a poll of the most important items to take o…

‘Au naturale’ tops favourite celebrity smiles look

05th Jun 2015

A pearly white Hollywood smile may be all the rage but it’s the natural look which has been voted for as the nation’s favourite celebrity smile.Almost half of us (49 per cent) say a natural-lookin…

Scent-ual! Smell right and you could be lucky in love

02nd Jun 2015

Smelling right could the key to landing a potential partner, results of a new nationwide survey claim.In a new poll looking to expose the UK’s biggest turn-offs when looking for a new partner, bad b…

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