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New NHS dental charges announced

05th Apr 2017

NHS Dental Charges will rise from the 1st April 2017. Dentistry is one of the few NHS services where you have to pay a contribution towards the cost of your care. In April 2006, the NHS in England a…

Hormone Replacement Therapy shown to be highly effective in reducing gum disease

31st Mar 2017

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been credited with helping women manage a range of menopause-related issues, including hot flushes, heart health and bone density, and now new research suggests H…

Five policies which would change the state of children’s oral health

27th Mar 2017

Following the release on Tuesday of what are incredibly disturbing and entirely avoidable statistics from the Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS) showing that tooth extractions in children aged four and u…

You spend more than 82 days brushing your teeth during your life – and other bizarre dental facts

20th Mar 2017

In aid of World Oral Health Day today the UK's leading dental charity, the Oral Health Foundation, have looked at just how long we spend brushing our teeth during our lives with some amazing findings.…

Brushing up! Charity set to giveaway free toothbrushes on World Oral Health Day

15th Mar 2017

In aid of World Oral Health Day on Monday [20 March 2017], local charity, the Oral Health Foundation are holding a toothbrush amnesty event in Rugby town centre. The charity is giving the residents of…

Charity raises smiles for Togolese school children

10th Mar 2017

Children at Akato Primary School in Togo, West Africa, have been given a huge reason to smile following a donation of educational materials by the Oral Health Foundation.The UK's leading oral health c…

Flippin' heck it's Pancake Day! So are you letting sugar crêpe up on you?

28th Feb 2017

Today is Shrove Tuesday or as many of us excitedly know it... PANCAKE DAY. Shrove Tuesday might often an excuse to eat a big pile of pancakes (or at least it is for this writer), but do we consider wh…

Charity’s mouth cancer campaigning boosted by donation from TePe

21st Feb 2017

Leading dental health charity, the Oral Health Foundation have received a generous donation from TePe UK to help support its Mouth Cancer Action campaign. TePe UK raised £1,200 for the oral health ch…

How many teeth have you lost? The number of teeth we have could tell us how long we'll live

30th Jan 2017

Tooth loss can be used as a major predictor to somebody's life expectancy, according to new research. The research, published in the Periodontology 20001, found that the number of teeth we lose can be…

‘Local authorities can do more to help improve their community’s oral health’ – says charity

26th Jan 2017

Leading health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, is calling on local authorities to improve their oral health services and the signposting of available dental services to local communities, followi…

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