Here are just a few things that you can download and use to promote National Smile Month. We’ll be adding more free downloads to this area so that you can support us throughout the month so keep coming back.  

National Smile Month Guide and catalogue

Tells you all about National Smile Month and how you can participate. Most importantly, the guide contains all our educational resources and products so that you can make the most out of any events and activities you plan to run [download National Smile Month 2020 Guide] [download National Smile Month 2020 Catalogue].

Supporter logo

Add the National Smile Month logo to any of your campaign materials, website and social media to show your support [download supporter logo]. 

Social media posts

Here are a selection of sample social media posts along with a few Smiley images too. Please do share them on your accounts and raise the profile of oral health.

  • We are supporting National Smile Month because a healthy mouth means a healthy body #SmileMonth
  • Our mouth is so important to many aspects of our live. Because of this it makes sense to give our oral health the best care possible #SmileMonth
  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and at one other time during the day with a fluoride toothpaste #smile #SmileMonth
  • Protect your smile. Cut down on sugary foods and drinks #SmileMonth
  • It's National Smile Month - the perfect opportunity to reassess your oral health #SmileMonth
  • We are helping to promote good oral health as part of @smilemonth. Because a healthy mouth matters #smile #SmileMonth  





Social media headers

Add these covers to your social media accounts to show your support throughout National Smile Month.

Download Twitter cover |  Download Facebook cover


Sponsorship form

Print off our sponsor sheet and have your family, friends and colleagues support your event [download sponsorship form].

Digital guides

As part of National Smile Month, we have joined up with GSK to create two great guides to better oral health.

These digital guides can be downloaded and shared.

Email signature

A small banner to insert on your email signature will help share the campaign far and wide [download email signature].   

If you would like any help in organising National Smile Month activities, have any questions about the campaign, or would like advice about making the most out of your activities, contact our National Smile Month team on 01788 539 792 or contact us via an online enquiry.

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