National Smile Month

Between 16 May and 16 June 2022, the Oral Health Foundation will be raising awareness of important oral health issues with the theme

Everyone deserves a healthy smile

Join the nations biggest oral health campaign and help bring a smile to millions of people.

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EMS is proud to support National Smile Month

The EMS team is delighted to be supporting National Smile Month, to help raise awareness of the great work done by dental hygienists and therapists across the UK, as well as the importance of good oral health, especially at this difficult time when at-home preventive care is more important than ever before.

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) ties in perfectly with this ethos, since integral aspects of its protocol include oral hygiene instruction, patient education and motivation to maintain natural teeth and implants for as long as possible.

GBT itself is the systematic, predictable solution for dental biofilm management in professional prophylaxis using state-of-the-art air flow technologies.

It consists of treatment protocols based on individual patient diagnosis and risk assessment in order to achieve optimal results. The treatment is given in the least invasive way, with the highest level of comfort, safety and efficiency.

GBT is a fast, efficient and comfortable way for dental professionals to work and can be divided into eight simple steps:

1. Assess – probe and screen every clinical case

2. Disclose – make biofilm visible

3. Motivate – raise awareness and teach

4. AirFlow – remove biofilm, stains and early calculus

5. PerioFlow – remove biofilm in >4 to 9 mm pockets

6. ‘No Pain’ Piezon – remove remaining calculus

7. Check – make your patient smile

8. Recall – a healthy patient equals a happy patient.

As the creator of GBT, EMS is dedicated to being at the forefront of science and innovation. This means they are dedicated to creating equipment and protocols that are backed by ever-growing scientific evidence and GBT is no exception.

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