Health charity calls out government for appalling 'tax on teeth'

13 MAR 2019 - The government’s decision to increase the cost of NHS dentistry has been met with heavy criticism by one of the UK’s leading health charities.Read more

What a difference a smile makes: Charity announces details for National Smile Month

12 MAR 2019 - The Oral Health Foundation is calling on organisations up and down the country to get behind National Smile Month 2019.Read more

NHS dental charges announced for 2019-20

11 MAR 2019 - In the UK, there are three standard charges for NHS dental treatment. Here is the latest information explaining what you may have to pay for your NHS dental treatment.Read more

Charity calls for government to commit to HPV catch-up programme

4 MAR 2019 - To mark International HPV Awareness Day, the Oral Health Foundation is urging the government to ‘do the right thing’.Read more

Health campaigners urge Brits to urgently improve knowledge and awareness of deadly disease

27 FEB 2019 - Are you mouthaware? That's the question being posed to Brits as a new study reveals a worrying lack of awareness around mouth cancer.Read more

Charity warning over new telephone scam

12 FEB 2019 - The Oral Health Foundation is issuing advice for people calling its Dental Helpline service following an online telephone scam that tricks victims into being charged premium rates.Read more

Bad breath is biggest barrier to landing your Valentine’s Day date, reveals survey

11 FEB 2019 - A recent survey carried out by the Oral Health Foundation reveals that bad breath is the biggest barrier to getting a date.Read more

Dental Helpline reaches milestone

24 JAN 2019 - After over two decades of support, the Dental Helpline has now reached a new milestone.Read more

Oral Health Foundation approves BioMin toothpaste

23 JAN 2019 - BioMin F toothpaste fully accredited by the Oral Health Foundation.Read more

The Oral Health Foundation's response to the NHS Long Term Plan

17 JAN 2019 - The NHS recently issued its Long Term Plan. We have looked at what the plan includes for oral health and what impact it may have.Read more

Health not cost is the number one reason why Brits quit smoking

10 JAN 2019 - New research shows more Brits are stubbing out their cigarettes for good in a bid to improve their general health and wellbeing.Read more

Cranberries and blueberries – why certain fruit extracts could provide the key to fighting tooth decay

08 JAN 2019 - New research shows that dark berries such as cranberries and blueberries contain nutrients that can protect our teeth and mouths from tooth decay as well as cancer and other diseases.Read more

Cutting childhood sugar intake will provide long term benefits and prevent countless extractions

02 JAN 2019 - Leading dental charity, the Oral Health Foundation, are giving their full support to the new Change4Life campaign, which aims to tackle the high level of childhood sugar intake.Read more

Cost of healthy food directly linked to the level of oral diseases in children

19 DEC 2018 - New research from America reveals that young children with poor access to high-quality healthy foods are far more likely to develop tooth decay.Read more

New study suggests that good oral health can be as much about the mind as it is about the mouth

14 DEC 2018 - New research has suggested that those who suffer from mental health conditions may need to be more careful when it comes to their oral health.Read more

Gum disease and tooth loss linked to high blood pressure in older women, research shows

11 DEC 2018 - A new study has found that older women, who have suffered from tooth loss, are 205 more likely to develop high blood pressure.Read more

Go smoke-free with Portsmouth Hospitals Trust!

27 NOV 2018 - Portsmouth Hospitals Trust are campaigning to encourage people to put an end to smoking at Queen Alexandra Hospital (QA), one of the busiest hospitals in Britain.Read more

Millions putting themselves at risk of mouth cancer by being unaware of the 'big three risks’

26 NOV 2018 - A leading health charity is calling for better awareness in Britain of how everyday lifestyle factors can have a significant impact on our oral health.Read more

Growing calls for free dental care for mouth cancer patients to put an end to discriminatory ‘tax on cancer’

22 NOV 2018 - We are calling for free dental care for mouth cancer patients to combat the discriminatory costs of ongoing healthcare that survivors are often burdened with.Read more

Tooth brushing habits tied to risk of heart disease

20 NOV 2018 - New American research suggests how often you brush your teeth is linked to your risk of developing heart disease.Read more

Mouth cancer cases rise by 135% but an alarming number of us are unable to spot the early warning signs

13 NOV 2018 - Cases of mouth cancer in the United Kingdom have more than doubled inside the last generation, yet an alarming number of us are still unable to identify the early warning signs and symptoms.Read more

UK’s first report into mouth cancer reveals huge gamble the nation is taking with its health

1 NOV 2018 - Leading health charity, the Oral Health Foundation has developed the first ever State of Mouth Cancer UK Report, which illustrates the growing impact of mouth cancer in the country.Read more

Wyndham House Dental Practice set to offer free mouth cancer examinations

26 OCT 2018 - Going to the dentist regularly is so important to catch mouth cancer early. As part of their support for Mouth Cancer Action Month, Wyndham House Dental Practice are offering free mouth cancer checks.Read more