Safe Brace

Clean your teeth and the brace thoroughly after every meal.

It is best not to brush your teeth until at least one hour after eating. Make sure you clean every tooth and the gum line around it.

What products can help me to look after my mouth and brace?

‘Total care’ toothpastes are effective in a number of ways. They help control plaque, tooth decay and gum disease, while also freshening your breath.

You can use an electric or ‘power' toothbrush, if you are careful, as long as you can get to all your teeth. Ask your dental team or orthodontist about special small brushes which are suitable for cleaning your teeth when wearing a brace.

‘Interdental' brushes can help you clean a fixed brace. They can get in between your teeth and are ideal for cleaning around the brackets of a fixed brace. Your dental team or local pharmacist should stock these.

You can use ‘floss threaders’ to help you get dental floss under the orthodontic wires to remove trapped bits of food.

You can use ‘disclosing tablets’ to make it easier to see where the plaque is when you are brushing. They contain a harmless dye which stains dental plaque, and this helps you to make sure you are brushing your teeth properly. Your dentist, pharmacist or supermarket will stock these.

Using fluoride mouth rinses regularly can help to prevent tooth decay and tooth decalcification. But use them only if your dental team or orthodontist recommend them and be sure to follow the instructions they give you.

How do I clean my removable brace?

Your dental team or orthodontist will be able to show you how to clean your brace.

It is best to clean your brace over a sink full of water so that it isn't damaged if you drop it.

Keep a separate toothbrush just for cleaning your brace. Use toothpaste to clean it. Gently brush the brace and rinse it thoroughly with fresh water afterwards.

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