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Who can provide me with braces?

Your dentist may carry out orthodontic treatment and provide you with braces. Or they may send you to a specialist who has more knowledge about orthodontic treatment and extra qualifications. The specialist may be in a dental practice or in a hospital department, and is called an ‘orthodontist’.

Are they free?

You can get orthodontic treatment, such as a brace, free on the NHS – but only if you are under 18 and meet certain strict conditions. Adults can’t usually get orthodontic treatment on the NHS, but may be able to if this is needed for health reasons.

You can also get private orthodontic treatment from a qualified orthodontist. You can talk to your dentist for more information about what options you have, and they can give you a rough idea of how much different options cost. They will recommend an orthodontist to you.

Can I get braces online?

Yes, but you need to be aware of the risks.

More companies are now selling braces online, without you needing to see an orthodontist.

These companies offer a service where you take your own impressions (moulds) of your teeth or go to one of their outlets to have a scan done of your teeth. Braces from these companies look similar to clear aligners.

They do not usually give you the chance to talk about your treatment with a dentist or orthodontist. You also do not get a full orthodontic examination or assessment, or the chance to discuss your treatment needs and options (including all the various braces on offer). Importantly, you can’t talk about what you are hoping to get from the treatment and about any possible risks involved.

It may be that orthodontic treatment is not the best or only way to treat you, and that you should have some other specialist dental care instead. You should understand all these things before agreeing to have treatment.

We always recommend going to see a fully qualified professional if you are thinking of getting orthodontic treatment. This means a dentist or orthodontist.

How do I go about getting braces?

The first thing to do is to see your own dentist and get their advice. Some dentists will discuss orthodontic treatment with you, but many will refer you to an orthodontist so that you can have a more in-depth assessment and examination. Either way, you can find out all the options you have and talk about the pros and cons of each one.

How many visits will it take to get braces?

After the first consultation and discussion, you will go back to get your new braces. Then they will usually need adjusting every six to eight weeks. These adjustments will carry on until your treatment has finished. Your orthodontist will let you know once they are satisfied with how the treatment has worked out and will make sure you are happy too.

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