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Centenarians ‘have better teeth’

22nd Jul 2014

Not everything stands the test of time, but it seems if you're older than 100 your teeth most certainly do.New research presented in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society1 discovered that cen…

Charity responds to child tooth decay hospital admissions

14th Jul 2014

In response to a new report that more children in England are being admitted to hospital because of tooth decay than for any other reason, oral health charity the British Dental Health Foundation beli…

GDC proposed ARF hike and advert in the Telegraph

14th Jul 2014

Dr Nigel Carter OBE, Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, said: "Both the proposed annual retention fee increase and the advert placed in the Daily Telegraph have attracted quite a…

Oral bacteria ‘irritates IBD’

09th Jul 2014

Oral bacteria could have a role to play in the flare-up of irritable bowel disease, new research suggests.The findings, presented in the journal Oral Diseases, discovered that colitis, also known as i…

One in four Brits unhappy with their smile

03rd Jul 2014

Smile and the world smiles with you as the saying goes, but for more than a quarter of Brits who are unhappy with their smiles this may not be the case.New research by the British Dental Health Founda…

Dental phobia still rife throughout the population

30th Jun 2014

People afraid of the dentist are being reminded that dentistry has significantly changed after an alarming number of Brits say a visit is scarier than 10 of the UK's most common phobias, a new survey …

Hygienist raises £20,000 for charity

30th Jun 2014

A dental hygienist has raised almost £20,000 for Mouth Cancer Action by walking 500 miles across the UK.Christina Chatfield, owner of Dental Health Spa Brighton, finished her ‘500 Miles 4 …

Nation’s eating habits leave oral health charity plenty to chew on

25th Jun 2014

A NEW SURVEY looking into some of the nation's dietary habits has left one oral health charity calling for people to think about the impact their diet can have on their oral health. The call comes as …

Vending machine overhaul needed to improve nutritional standards

18th Jun 2014

VENDING MACHINES stocking foods and drinks loaded with high quantities of sugar continue to pose a severe threat to the health of millions of people in the UK, according to a leading oral health chari…

World Cup guide to snacking

12th Jun 2014

The World Cup 2014 kicks off today (Thursday) and charity the British Dental Health Foundation are ready to help you prevent those oral health own goals.Our World Cup Guide to Snacking gives you a fla…

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Displaying 1 - 10 of 737
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