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Smile it’s summer! Sunbathing to healthier gums

25th Jun 2015

With the year just starting to really hot up there could be yet another reason to smile this summer with research showing getting some sun could be beneficial to gum health.Research published in the j…

Leading charity hopes to recruit new trustees

24th Jun 2015

A MUCH-RESPECTED dental charity is hoping to recruit volunteers to play a key role in driving it forward into the future.The British Dental Health Foundation is looking to recruit up to four new peopl…

8 Essential tips to look after your teeth this festival season

23rd Jun 2015

The long wait is over and this week 135,000 people will descend on Worthy Farm in Glastonbury to herald the real start of the British festival season, amongst all the partying it is important to look …

The strangest places we’ve brushed our teeth…revealed!

16th Jun 2015

A NATIONWIDE survey looking into some of the more unusual places we have brushed our teeth has discovered that we take our toothbrush no matter where we might go.The research, commissioned by the Brit…

Looks like we don’t forget our toothbrush after all!

09th Jun 2015

As nine in ten of us finalise our overseas holiday plans, new research reveals that it’s a toothbrush which is the most important item we take with us.In a poll of the most important items to take o…

‘Au naturale’ tops favourite celebrity smiles look

05th Jun 2015

A pearly white Hollywood smile may be all the rage but it’s the natural look which has been voted for as the nation’s favourite celebrity smile.Almost half of us (49 per cent) say a natural-lookin…

Scent-ual! Smell right and you could be lucky in love

02nd Jun 2015

Smelling right could the key to landing a potential partner, results of a new nationwide survey claim.In a new poll looking to expose the UK’s biggest turn-offs when looking for a new partner, bad b…

Mum knows best when it comes looking after our teeth

26th May 2015

Parents pass many pearls of wisdom throughout their lifetime but its mums who seem to take the lead on how we care for our teeth, according to a new poll.More than two in three (68 per cent) of us say…

Public support calls for tax on sugary drinks

21st May 2015

More than 30 million Brits could support calls for a tax on sugary drinks, a new poll has revealed.The new survey also reveals around half the population support calls for a tax on fatty and sugary fo…

National health campaign set to put a smile on our face

18th May 2015

TODAY (18 May) marks the start of National Smile Month and campaign organiser's the British Dental Health Foundation is urging us to put a smile on our face - assuring us that we really will feel the …

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