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Your job could be increasing risk of mouth cancer

27th Nov 2014

The very nature of our job could be increasing the risk of developing mouth cancer.A leading oral health charity believes exposure to secondhand smoke, time in the sun and regular consumption of proce…

New poll reveals what we really think about cancer…

24th Nov 2014

Cancer may provoke a range of emotions but according to a new poll many of us think of it as curable.In a new survey by the oral health charity the British Dental Health Foundation, curable was one of…

Cancer news going social

20th Nov 2014

One in ten people would inform the world they had mouth cancer on social media.Unsurprisingly 18-35 year-olds are most willing to share the news through social media. What may come as a surprise is th…

Charity calls for diabetics to be mouthaware

14th Nov 2014

An oral health charity has reminded diabetics to be aware of the signs and symptoms for mouth cancer.The reminder comes as research has identified people suffering with diabetes are at ‘signific…

Comment on Southampton fluoride decision

13th Nov 2014

Following the news that Southampton City Council have withdrawn plans to fluoridate the area's water supplies, Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, issued the following comment:"It…

Charity responds to infection story

12th Nov 2014

The British Dental Health Foundation has today issued the following comment in light of the case surrounding patients facing HIV and Hepatitis tests.Chief Executive of the British Dental Health Founda…

Oral health charity backs calls for action on fruit juice

11th Nov 2014

The British Dental Health Foundation fully supports calls to remove fruit juices from the list of recommended five a day portions.Action on Sugar discovered many children's juices contain at least six…

Cancer prompts marriage, travelling and thrill-seeking

10th Nov 2014

Getting married, travelling to Australia and skydiving are the three most common things Brits would do if they were diagnosed with cancer.When asked to name three things they would add to a bucket lis…

Mouth cancer ‘affects one in seven of us’

04th Nov 2014

Growing mouth cancer rates means one in seven of us know someone affected by the disease.New research looked into whether we knew people diagnosed with mouth cancer, a survivor or still battling mouth…

Our Halloween Trick and Treats

29th Oct 2014

Scary movies, ghost walks, silly costumes, the paranormal - just a few of the things that we associate with Halloween. Typically for children, Halloween is about dressing up and knocking on our front…

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Displaying 1 - 10 of 766
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