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Public support calls for tax on sugary drinks

21st May 2015

More than 30 million Brits could support calls for a tax on sugary drinks, a new poll has revealed.The new survey also reveals around half the population support calls for a tax on fatty and sugary fo…

National health campaign set to put a smile on our face

18th May 2015

TODAY (18 May) marks the start of National Smile Month and campaign organiser's the British Dental Health Foundation is urging us to put a smile on our face - assuring us that we really will feel the …

The last straw: Soft drinks the most ‘dangerous’ factor on tooth wear

11th May 2015

A NEW STUDY looking into the tooth wear of adults has determined that soft drinks could play the most significant role in the severity of dental erosion.The findings, published in the Journal of Publi…

Destructive childhood experiences ‘toxic stress’ on health inequalities

05th May 2015

Negative experiences in childhood have been labelled a ‘toxic stress' on dental health, according to a new report.Research published in the journal of Community Dentistry Oral and Epidemiology has p…

Want to know how long you will live? Count your teeth!

30th Apr 2015

IT IS A CONUNDRUM many of us would have thought about at one time or another. Now it appears we are one step closer to the answer and all we have to do is count the number of teeth we have.A new stud…

Subject sugary drinks to same rules as tobacco

14th Apr 2015

Sugary drinks should be subject to the same advertising and sponsorship rules as tobacco, according to an oral health charity.The British Dental Health Foundation believes if major sporting tournament…

It’s not too chocoLATE to think about your mouth this Easter

01st Apr 2015

With Easter almost upon us, children's teeth are preparing themselves for a chocolate onslaught.Striking a balance between letting your child indulge on their treats and keeping an eye on their consum…

Seabond seals independent thumbs up

30th Mar 2015

The British Dental Health Foundation is delighted to announce Seabond's Denture Fixative Seal has been granted accreditation by its independent board of experts.Designed with Triple Action technology,…

Children’s oral health improvements leave charity smiling

19th Mar 2015

The UK's leading oral health charity is delighted that latest statistics reveal children's oral health is improving.The Child Dental Health Survey 2013 of England, Wales and Northern Ireland reveals s…

Bad brushing habits leave a lifetime of regrets

17th Mar 2015

A NEW SURVEY has revealed two thirds of those over the age of 55 regret not looking after their teeth in earlier life.Those living in the North East of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland regret th…

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