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The British Dental Health Foundation

Welcome to the home of the British Dental Health Foundation! We are a leading independent charity (not for profit) working to improve oral health around the world. Our goal is to improve people's lives by reducing the harm caused by oral diseases - many of which are entirely preventable.

Every year, we help a countless number of people to improve the health of their mouths through providing education materials and resources, advice and information and by organising campaigns and events. Our Dental Helpline offers free and confidential advice while we supply the very best educational resources for use by the public, health and dental professionals. Our 'approved' logo appears on hundreds of products in shops and supermarkets across the world while our campaigns like Mouth Cancer Action Month and National Smile Month make millions of people aware of the importance of good oral health.

Our campaigns:

Donate buttonDonate to Mouth Cancer Action Month

This is the place where you can donate your money and show your support to Mouth Cancer Action Month.

National Smile Month Homepage Icon with the SmileNational Smile Month 2016

The campaign takes place between May 16 and June 16. On the website you could find lots of information & tips on oral health!

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