Mouth Cancer Action Month

  • Mouth Cancer Action Month 2024

    Mouth Cancer Action Month is a charity campaign organised by the Oral Health Foundation. Taking place throughout November, the campaign raises awareness of mouth cancer and shares the important message of being mouthaware. Read more

Be mouthaware

  • How to spot mouth cancer

    How much do you know about the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer? By being Mouthaware you can make a difference in the fight against mouth cancer. Read more

  • Mouth cancer risk factors

    We don’t know what causes most mouth cancers. However, there are several factors that are likely to increase your risk. Read more

  • Make a donation to Mouth Cancer Action

    Mouth cancer can have a devastating affect on a person's life. Your donation will help us to raise awareness and drive change. Read more

Fundraising for Mouth Cancer Action Month

  • Fundraising ideas

    If you would like to become a Mouth Cancer Action fundraiser but aren't sure what to do, click here for some inspiration! Read more

  • Planning your fundraising event

    Fundraising for Mouth Cancer Action Month is so easy. It doesn't have to take loads of time and money, just the passion to make a difference. Read more

  • Become an ambassador

    By becoming one of our Mouth Cancer Campaign Ambassadors you can support us by sharing your stories, communicating important information, raising donations and influencing policy. Read more

Show your support and get involved

  • Blue Ribbon Appeal

    The Blue Ribbon Appeal continues to play a key role in directly engaging people with the issues surrounding mouth cancer. Wear your blue ribbon with pride and help make a difference today. Read more

  • Blue Wednesday

    This Blue Wednesday join us in spreading awareness of mouth cancer. Read more