In the UK, and all around the world, millions of people are affected by poor oral health.

For these, oral disease can has a devastating impact on their daily life.

Poor oral health makes simple tasks like eating and drinking more difficult, often leading to nutritional deficiencies.  It also can have a debilitating impact on a person's mental health, causing anxiety and depression.  Oral disease is also linked to increased risk of many other conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

Sadly, far too many people suffer in needless pain and discomfort from the health of their mouth.

Your valuable donation can help reduce inequalities in oral health by supporting children, the elderly and vulnerable, people with disabilities and those living in deprivation and isolation, achieve a healthier smile.

Thank you for your valuable donation.

Your kind and caring gift will help the people we support to live a better quality of life through good oral health.

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