Supporting the Oral Health Foundation

As an entirely self-funded charity, the Oral Health Foundation relies on your generous support to continue our important mission of bringing better oral health to all. Read more

Fundraising ideas

If you would like to become a fundraiser for the Oral Health Foundation but not sure what to do, take a look at our top 20 ideas for activities to give you a helping hand. Read more

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Create your own fundraising page right here. Include all your event details, along with why you have decided to raise money and then share the page with your family and friends so they can donate. Read more

Planning your fundraising event

Fundraising for the Oral Health Foundation is so easy. It doesn’t necessarily involve lots of time or money, just the passion to make a difference and help promote oral health in your community. Read more

Fundraising FAQ's

Planning, promoting and organising a fundraising event can seem a little overwhelming. To give you a helping hand, we have answered your most frequently asked questions. Read more

Meet a fundraiser

If you are looking for more reasons to support our efforts improving oral health, then find out directly from those people who did just that, and why they decide to fundraise for us. Read more