Five of the 'smiliest' things to do for National Smile Month

15 MAY 2018: Here are five National Smile Month activities you really should give a go. Our team at the Oral Health Foundation, along with thousands of others supporting the campaign, will be doing exactly the same...Read more

How do you get your patients excited about brushing their teeth? Try a little antici…pation!

14 MAY 2018 - Contributors to National Smile Month 2018, BRUSHBOX are offering advice to dental practices who are looking for new ways to get patients more interested in maintaining good oral health.Read more

New poll reveals what we know (and don't) about dental erosion

14 MAY 2018 - National Smile Month 2018 sponsors, REGENERATE™, address the lack of awareness in the UK around the risks and dangers of enamel erosion.Read more

40 years on! Sugar-free gum is still helping people take care of their teeth!

14 MAY 2018 - National Smile Month sponsors, Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program, discuss the positive impact sugarfree chewing gum has had on our oral health since it first went on sale in the UK over 40 years ago!Read more

National Stop Snoring Week 2018: Ditch the habit!

20 APR 2018 - It's National Stop Snoring Week, an annual event organised by the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association and they want to remind us that you don't have to suffer as a serial snorer.Read more

The oral health guide to Easter – Five things to remember

29 MARCH 2018 - The Oral Health Foundation is offering the following advice to make sure that Easter is a happy holiday for the nation’s children but not a period where their teeth have to suffer.Read more

The university oral health survival guide

25 MARCH 2018 - Our Digital PR Officer, George, talks in detail about his experiences at university and how students can best maintain great oral health while they are away from home, doing their studies.Read more

Oral health habits for life: five out and five in

20 MARCH 2018 - Many people out there might have bad habits but perhaps aren’t aware that they could have an impact on their oral health. So, for the Oral Health Foundation, I’ve compiled a list of the top five bad habits that you need to kick and five habits to replace them with.Read more

How to look after children’s teeth

23 JAN 2018 - Our PR and Press Officer, George, talks about the importance of looking after children's teeth and gives some advice about how to make sure their gnashers stay healthy for years to come!Read more

Dental implants and how crucial replacing teeth really is...

8 JUNE 2017 - Let's address the most common question first: what exactly is a dental implant anyway? A dental implant is a tiny, titanium alloy screw which is used while surgically replacing teeth.Read more

My diary: being on a Mercy Ship

8 MAY 2017 - This year the President of the our charity, Janet Goodwin, paid a life changing visit to Benin to observe the remarkable work that Mercy Ships do to bring healthcare to the most in need communities.Read more

Show your support for Flying Fernandez and her fantastic mouth cancer fundraiser!

7 APRIL 2016 - Later this month, the amazing Louise Fernandez will be jetting off to Austria to take part in the Vienna City Half Marathon, to raise awareness of mouth cancer as it has affected somebody very important to her.Read more