Join us and take part in some of the UK’s most amazing challenges

24 SEPT 2018 - Earlier this month, a team of health campaigners that included myself, took on the Striding Edge Challenge. What an experience it was!Read more

Teeth Whitening: Does it work and is it safe?

24 SEPT 2018 - Guest post writer and Oral Health Foundation Supporter Alex Mungo is here to divide the fact from fiction when it comes to the complex world of tooth whitening.Read more

Everything you need to know about paying for your dental treatment

24 SEPT 2018 - It is crucial for our oral health that we visit the dentist regularly, as often as they recommend and receive treatment when necessary. But you need to consider the different payment choices too!Read more

The new denture guidelines – what’s all the fuss about?

17 SEPT 2018 - The Oral Health Foundation just published new guidelines on taking care of dentures properly, but why did we need new ones in the first place? We speak to Dr Nigel Carter OBE to find out!Read more

London exhibition traces the evolution of oral health

30 AUG 2018 - Teeth is a new exhibition held at the Wellcome Collection, charting the history of dentistry and oral health. It tells the tale of our pursuit for a perfect smile, and with around two weeks to go until the exhibition closes, I went to see what all the fuss is about.Read more

Back to school: Tips to ensure your child’s oral health is top of the class

21 AUG 2018 - It's almost back to school time! We want to help you make sure that your child's oral health is the best it can be. So check out our latest blog for some helpful tips ahead of a new academic year.Read more

Five oral health faux pas you never knew were bad for you

19 JULY 2018 - There are a few really simple things you can do to improve your oral health routine even further. Have a read of this blog and make sure you aren't selling yourself short in the bathroom!Read more

Brushing and beyond: Taking care of your oral health

12 JUNE 2018 - Cornerstone UK have a few oral health tips that will help you develop and maintain a great routine for a healthy mouth.Read more

Know your ABCs: Children’s oral health, baby teeth and the booming tooth fairy industry

12 JUNE 2018 - Following research that revealed how much children are find under their pillows each year, the Oral Health Foundation is keen to provide advice for helping children maintain great oral health.Read more

National Smile Month song will put a spring in your step!

04 JUNE 2018 - The start of National Smile Month has been fantastic. Involvement is higher than ever before and for the second year running, the people at Health Matters Education have provided us with an official song!Read more

Living the fast life: how to maintain good oral health as a 21st century working adult

30 MAY 2018 - You might find it difficult to make your oral health a priority with 100 things to worry about during a working day but thankfully there are simple ways you can keep your smile spectacular!Read more

Five of the 'smiliest' things to do for National Smile Month

15 MAY 2018: Here are five National Smile Month activities you really should give a go. Our team at the Oral Health Foundation, along with thousands of others supporting the campaign, will be doing the same...Read more