As part of National Smile Month, we have joined forces with proud sponsors, GSK, to create a series of new oral health podcasts.

This mini-series consists of three podcasts that delve into different hot topics in the world of oral health: 

Podcast One - Healthy Gums

In the first podcast in this National Smile Month mini-series, Dr Ben Atkins is joined by Dr Nigel Carter, Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation, and Dr Saoirse O'Toole, a Clinical Lecturer at King's College London, to discuss gum health and answer some common questions around the topic including: 

  • What is gum disease?
  • How can we achieve good gum health?
  • How can we tackle bleeding gums? 


For more information on how to maintain healthy gums please click here and if you still have some questions get in touch with our Dental Helpline.  

Podcast Two - Diet and Oral Health

Come back on FRIDAY 24 MAY for our second National Smile Month podcast. 

Podcast Three - Dental Erosion

Come back on FRIDAY 07 JUNE for our third and final National Smile Month podcast.