It is a shocking and incredibly sad thought, but every single day over the last year, around 170 children under the age of 18 in the United Kingdom have had teeth extracted in hospital.  This equals 42,911 hospital procedures to remove multiple teeth – an increase of nearly 20% compared with five years ago.

Almost one in three five-year-olds (31 per cent) and one in two eight-year-olds (46 per cent) have tooth decay in their primary teeth, and this problem continues as children get older.

More than one in three 12-year-olds (34 per cent) and nearly a half of 15-year-olds (46 per cent) have "obvious decay experience" in their permanent teeth.

Oral health affects the health and wellbeing of older children and their families.

More than half of children aged 15 say their daily life has been affected by problems with their teeth. One in five say their oral health causes difficulties when eating while more than a third are embarrassed to smile or laugh due to the condition of their teeth.

Around a third of parents say their child's oral health has impacted on family life, with more than one in four having to take time off work because of their child's oral health.

In a modern country, this is completely unacceptable and deeply upsetting. We have to change this.

Your donation will help us to address this problem head on by allowing us to put a toothbrush and toothpaste into a child hands and show them how to use it.

Your generosity will let us provide young children with our carefully selected dental packs to meet their specific needs. We will also make sure they know how to use it by providing effective education on oral health behaviour alongside key information on diet and nutrition.

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