5 Apr 2016

The British Dental Health Foundation has changed, say hello to the Oral Health Foundation. The brand new name for the UK's leading oral health charity. 

For more than four decades as the British Dental Health Foundation we have provided education and information on oral health to millions of people throughout the United Kingdom. Campaigns such as National Smile Month and Mouth Cancer Action Month have been hugely successful in promoting the values of good oral health, and the charity has firmly established itself as one of the major players in providing people with important oral health messages.

So with a passing of the torch to the Oral Health Foundation, I hear you ask what will change?

This new name will help us reach a far bigger audience and will further enable us to deliver important projects to even more individuals and communities around the world.

The knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm which helped build the charity into the highly regarded organisation that it is today will continue to run through the heart of the Oral Health Foundation. And this will only get bigger and better as we develop under our new name.

So at this important moment in our history we wanted to set in stone our pledges which will remain he backbone of the charity under any name.

Our pledges are:

  1. To improve oral healthcare and promote practice of good oral hygiene.
  2. To be a key source for oral health information for members of the public.
  3. To effectively lobby and influence government policy on behalf of the public.
  4. To increase the awareness of mouth cancer and reduce mortality rates through early detection and the changing of lifestyle habits.
  5. To push for the addition of fluoride to drinking water.
  6. To target an increase in the number of people visiting a dentist on a regular basis.
  7. To facilitate a place where the dental and health profession can campaign together for better public health.
  8. To continue to be a successful independent supplier of oral health promotional material to the health community.

By continuing our work as a leading national oral health charity we will tackle the harm caused by oral diseases - many of which are entirely preventable. We remain passionate about providing expert, independent and impartial advice and education on all aspects of oral health, delivering it to those who need it most.