29 October 2018

Ahead of Mouth Cancer Action Month this November, we are asking people who have some experience with mouth cancer to come forward and share their story with us.

During the campaign, we will be encouraging people to be more aware of what goes on inside the mouth and take action if they find anything unusual.

We are passionate about increasing public awareness around mouth cancer, a deadly disease that effects millions each year.

Sadly, mouth cancer can affect anyone. That is why everybody needs to be mouthaware and to learn more about the disease.

It is also why we need your help.

Hearing personal stories about mouth cancer helps people understand that mouth cancer is a disease that affects the old, the young, the healthy, the unhealthy and everyone in between.

We understand that it is a very sensitive topic and for many, it is not one that is easy to discuss.

Sharing your story can really have a big impact and help people become more aware of the disease, and often leads to them taking quicker action on unusual changes in the mouth. 

We would love to hear from people no matter whether you yourself have been diagnosed with mouth cancer or know somebody who has.

If you would be interested in sharing your story and helping others gain potentially life-saving information, please contact us at [email protected].